Hyrell’s Online Hiring and Recruiting Solution Provides More Information for Better Hiring Decisions

Third-Generation Hiring and Recruiting Software Delivers More Applicant Information and an Improved Interface

Hyrell, a leading provider of specialized hiring management systems for businesses of all sizes, announced today the release of a new hiring and recruiting solution. This third-generation, cloud-based online recruiting software offers improved functionality to help HR, recruiters, and other users gain more visibility into job-applicant information. Hyrell’s latest software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution enables Hyrell’s clients to infinitely scale their users, locations, and pre-written job descriptions – at no additional cost. 

 “Our solution now delivers better information about job applicants, so users can simplify their recruiting and hiring processes and make the best hiring decisions possible,” said Brian Clark, Chief Executive Officer. “We completely redesigned the user interface so it presents job-applicant information more intuitively. For example, users see a list of pre-ranked, already scored applicants, so they can take action quickly – and effectively.”

New features of the Hyrell solution include:

  • A pre-written job library. Containing pre-written job-posting packages with comprehensive, job-specific screening questions, the Hyrell job library eliminates the need to write position descriptions.

  • One-click job posting to top job boards at no cost. This feature helps organizations improve their job reach, while significantly reducing job-advertising costs.

  • Applicant-processing automation. We automate the hiring process, asking job-specific questions and then scoring and ranking the list of candidates before users even open the application file.

  • Automatic interview scheduling. Hyrell also automates the process related to scheduling interviews with applicants, helping to eliminate “telephone and email tag” and save valuable time.

  • Powerful applicant communication tools. This solution now automatically communicates with job applicants to let them know exactly where they stand in the hiring process; functionality that helps attract applicants and improves the company’s reputation as an employer.

  • An electronic archive for future audits or recruiting purposes. Candidate information is stored in this archive, important for reporting and future audits. Companies can even search this database for candidates and invite them to apply to positions that they may be better suited for, reducing time-to-hire while finding the right employee for the job.

As part of this new release, Hyrell also announced a new pricing initiative that eliminates license fees, set-up fees, location fees, and long-term contracts, helping customers reduce costs and gain access to a lower-risk, more flexible recruiting solution.

About Hyrell
Hyrell provides powerful recruiting and hiring management solutions to businesses in a wide range of sizes and industries. The Hyrell cloud-based hiring solution helps these organizations find, qualify, engage, and hire the best applicants possible to deliver business results that matter. For more information, please visit

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