5 Applicant Tracking Software Myths Debunked



We’re all full of excuses from time to time. “My speedometer is broken,” “my alarm didn’t go off” and “my dog ate my homework” are some of the classics. Then there are myths that serve as excuses and prevent us from growing as individuals and organizations. Myths about applicant tracking software (ATS) fall perfectly into this category. 

Is your organization missing out on top talent because of what you and your business leaders believe to be true about applicant tracking software? Here we debunk some common myths and excuses about applicant tracking systems so you can determine if an ATS is right for you. 

Myth #1: Applicant tracking software replaces recruiters.

Fact: Would you ever hire a candidate without interviewing or speaking to them? We didn’t think so. Applicant tracking software is perfect for identifying job seekers who meet your requirements, but your recruiters and hiring managers are still responsible for doing their due diligence to make sure you find the right person for the job from your list of top candidates. Applicant tracking software eliminates wasted time and resources usually spent reviewing applications and qualifying dozens of job seekers based on their resumes. Therefore, it frees up the HR organization and recruiters so they can focus on strategic HR functions, like the candidate experience, employment branding and hiring analytics.

Myth #2: Applicant tracking systems are only for large companies with vast hiring needs.

Fact: Before self-service software and web-based applications, innovative tools and software solutions were limited to the enterprise organizations that could afford them. But because the adoption of these tools has become more widespread and new innovations have risen to the surface, SMBs are able to take advantage of these technologies, too. If you work for a small business hiring for multiple roles, or even at multiple locations, you can absolutely benefit from applicant tracking software features, from automated position posting and applicant communication to evaluation and scoring. 

Myth #3: Applicant tracking systems are difficult to use for HR and applicants.

Fact: The most sophisticated applicant tracking systems were designed to mimic how the hiring and recruiting process works. These workflows require deep functionality that should make the solution intuitive and easy to use. One of the other benefits of web-based solutions is they can be accessed remotely from any computer with an Internet connection. These aspects make it easy for HR to get up and running on an ATS. And more often than not, employers require job seekers to fill out an application online. Applicant tracking software gives you the ability to easily and efficiently communicate with candidates and keep them engaged throughout the hiring process. 

Myth #4: Applicant tracking software requires significant IT support and maintenance.

Fact: On-premise software solutions do typically require IT resources, maintenance services and an investment in additional hardware. But web-based applicant tracking solutions are the complete opposite—there’s no software to purchase, maintain or upgrade with online hiring and recruiting software because the solution is managed remotely by the vendor.

Myth #5: Applicant tracking software is just an electronic database of resumes and applications.

Fact: It’s really so much more. Yes, applicant tracking software serves as an electronic repository for every application submitted to your organization, but it also gives you the insight you need about each candidate and your hiring process using automation. With an automated solution, you can identify the most qualified applicants faster and run a more efficient hiring process so you can find, qualify and hire the best employees.

What other myths have you encountered about applicant tracking software? Contact Hyrell today and let us debunk those myths so you can improve your hiring and recruiting process right away.


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