5 Styles of Virtual Interview Questions

5 Styles of Virtual Interview Questions

We know that establishing structure is the key to success when designing a Virtual Interview screening process. Last week we focused the formula for a great Virtual Interview question and outlined how to use background context, straightforward questions, and helpful response tips to build the perfect question.

Now that we understand the structure, it’s time to start writing!

Here are five stylistic approaches (with specific question examples from Hyrell’s Virtual Interview Library) that you can use to start building your own bank of Virtual Interview Questions:

#1: Give Your Applicant the Chance to Show Off

When structuring a Virtual Interview, it’s important to be straightforward about the position requirements and responsibilities right from the start. By stating these details up front, both the candidate and your company can be on the same page about what is expected for this open position. These type of interview questions also allow an applicant to stake their claim, show their aptitude for the position, and “sell” the hiring manager on the idea that they are the best candidate to tackle this job. Here’s one way to structure a “best fit” Virtual Interview question:

  • Background: The Marketing Coordinator develops and executes comprehensive marketing campaigns that build and sustain strong sales revenue. He or she promotes growth in product, services, and referrals through creative and highly effective marketing campaigns.
  • Question: Why do you believe that you are the best fit for this position?
  • Response Tip: Tell us why you believe you can perform the duties and responsibilities of this position in a continuously outstanding fashion.

Answer to Look For:

The best applicants will be excited by the chance to work alongside you at your company. They will show that they are capable and confidant in their abilities, without seeming too boastful or insincere. Also look for numbers, statistics, or any other numerical proof of past success.

#2: Seek Out the Right Personality Type

In industries such as senior living or home health care, your employees are not only your frontline; they are the heart and soul of your business. To find the best caregivers, you need to focus on compassionate personality traits just as much as technical skill and ability. Here’s one example of how to structure this type of Virtual Interview question:

  • Background: Working in this field requires exceptional patience and a genuine concern for and sincere desire to help others. Our staff is known for these attributes, and we seek new team members who possess and exhibit a similar level of sincerity and caring.
  • Question: Do you believe that you share these same attributes?
  • Response Tip: Please tell us why you want to be in this line of work.

Answer to Look For:

The best applicants will demonstrate their passion for the job and the opportunity to help other people. Look for stories of past work or similar volunteer experiences that show how the applicant was able to go the extra mile to serve someone in need.

#3: Synchronize Your Business Strategy

Hiring a new sales associate can be a challenge for any company. While everyone wants to generate more business opportunities, it’s important to find a new employee with a complimentary strategic approach (while avoiding potential clashes in business style). Here’s a great Virtual Interview question to make sure your new sales person can play on your team:

  • Background: Negotiation skills are central to this position. Our business model is focused on the long term, and we do not tolerate pressure tactics, false promises, or the like. Our employees must treat our customers with respect and fairness to effect a win-win transaction.
  • Question: Does your negotiation approach dovetail with our business model?
  • Response Tip: Please describe your negotiation style.

Answer to Look For:

Scrutinize your applicant’s response and look for a grounded, ethical approach. Make sure that their business tactics and overall strategy align with your personal style so that there are no surprises the first day on the job.

#4: Check for Critical Thinking Capabilities 

Critical thinking skills are a must for any detail oriented position. Will your new hire stay on task? Be organized? Learn how to work within the existing structure? All of these are essential questions to ask in the screening process. But most importantly, you need to understand how an applicant thinks and how they approach problems. Here’s one example of how you can use a Virtual Interview question to understand an applicant’s thought process:

  • Background: Daily accounting operations include reviewing journal entries, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and statutory reporting.
  • Question: What steps do you take to establish and monitor internal controls to ensure that accounting activities follow established legal regulatory and company policies and procedures?
  • Response Tip: Describe the methods you have used in positions of similar responsibility. Be brief.

Answer to Look For:

In this question, look for a structured answer that outlines how the candidate would solve this situational problem. This approach will allow you to see how a candidate thinks, and if they are able to use critical reasoning skills to devise a thoughtful method of approach.  

#5: Find a Team Player that Fits in Your Organizational Culture

Adding a new member to your team can be a dangerous experiment if you don’t look for the right chemistry. But before you invest time to meet the candidate face-to-face, a good way to identify a positive team player is to ask for stories of past success. You can use a Virtual Interview question to describe your team atmosphere at work, and see if your applicant has any relevant experience with this type of work environment:

  • Background: If selected for this position, you will lead a highly collaborative team who provide a pleasant and predictable experience that meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations. We are looking for an individual with strong interpersonal and communication skills who can motivate and lead a team to provide the best service.
  • Question: Do you have experience developing, promoting, and contributing to a work culture of cooperation, trust, and understanding?
  • Response Tip: Tell us how you have accomplished this in the past. Provide a summary example.

Answer to Look For:

Everyone claims that they can be a “team player” but the only way to prove it is to share a story of past success. Look for past examples that demonstrate a commitment to teamwork, and don’t immediately shy away from stories that contain conflict. Instead, see if that conflict was able to foster growth and understanding – because it’s always better to have someone who knows how to roll with the punches.

Building questions is just the first step, but with these five approaches, you can easily implement a Virtual Interview screening process at your company.  To learn more about Hyrell’s Virtual Interview process and our Hiring and Recruiting Solution, contact us today for a free demo


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