Automation Leads to 97% Driver Retention Rate for Foods Products Distributor


Who can afford to lose top talent? Before discovering applicant tracking software, Maines Paper and Food Service, Inc. wasted time and money throughout the entire hiring process and lost plenty of qualified applicants along the way.

Maines hires 400-600 specialized employees every year, from administrative staff to warehouse workers to truck drivers. But previous manual hiring methods couldn’t keep up. The company’s old hiring approach included radio advertisements and online applications to attract candidates. After a job seeker applied for an open position, HR tracked their progress and communicated with hiring managers and the applicants individually using Microsoft Excel, email and other ad hoc methods.

“We were wasting a lot of time and energy in all phases of the hiring process,” says Stephanie Wyatt, Maines’ vice president of human resources. “Worse, we weren’t communicating very well, especially with candidates. This is so important to keep applicants ‘warm’ as well as to maintain a good reputation as an employer.”

Finding the Solution in Hyrell

Wyatt and her team saw hiring as a big opportunity to attract and retain top employees and improve the company’s competitive advantage, but it needed a way to streamline the process.

Maines chose Hyrell because of its specialized hiring functionality, which included:

  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Compliance Management for efficient file management for Class A-certified truck drivers
  • Easy candidate evaluation using applicant scoring based on Maines-specific criteria
  • Increased efficiencies throughout the entire process, from reviewing applications to scheduling interviews to communicating with applicants

For these reasons and more, Hyrell has helped Maines improve its visibility into the candidate pool, select better applicants and improve its overall quality hire, which has resulted in a 97 percent retention rate for one of the company’s most specialized positions.

“Before, we used to hire three truck drivers and expect to keep two,” Wyatt says. “We recently hired 60 drivers using the Hyrell solution, and we have only lost two. This means we’re hiring employees who are a better long-term fit and able to deliver better results for the company.”

Download the full case study to get the full story about how Maines automated the hiring process and learn what Hyrell can do for you.


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