Franchise Hiring 101: How To Hire Your Next Employee [SlideShare]

How to Hire Your Next Employee

Franchisees and business owners know that it can be a struggle to find top notch talent for their small business. When you need to hire a new employee,you’re often pressed for time and need to make decisions quickly in order keep your business on the right track.

With little to no HR experience, your franchise hiring process can quickly turn into a game of “resume roulette,” with few rules and very little oversight.

In our recent franchise hiring survey, we were able to identify what franchisees are doing (and not doing) when it comes to hiring and recruiting. We saw that many of our franchise clients had a basic process in place, but very few were going above and beyond to employ the best hiring techniques out there.

Ultimately, we know that you didn’t open up a franchise to become an HR manager – so stop wasting time reading resumes and spend more time running your small business!

Use these 5 steps to simplify your hiring process, and find your next employee:

To learn more about Hyrell’s Online Hiring Solution, sign up for a brief demo. OR if you’re a franchisee looking to hire, contact us today


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