4 Hiring Challenges and Solutions for HR Managers


News flash: hiring and recruiting isn’t as easy as it looks. Everyday, hiring managers are pressed to attract more applicants, reduce time to hire and exude an engaging and attractive environment where top candidates would want to work. Some HR organizations may have their recruiting and hiring process down to a T. But many employers still struggle to overcome some of these biggest hiring challenges.

1. The Challenge: Finding Qualified Applicants

Top candidates aren’t flying out of the woodwork. Only 17 percent of hiring managers think nearly all or most job seekers have the skills and traits their organizations are looking for in a candidate, according to the Career Advisory Board Job Preparedness Indicator survey.

Chances are, you believe your biggest hiring challenge is attracting more qualified applicants to your job postings. If you’re collecting paper or email resumes (like some companies that receive 250 resumes for each corporate job posting) and have to manually review them to find the best candidates, then your real challenge probably lies in the inability to identify the best candidates within your applicant pool.

The Solution: An applicant tracking system can eliminate the burden and time wasted by having to manually review and screen every application or resume you receive. An automated approach to your hiring process will help you identify the most qualified applicants so you can put more efforts toward screening and interviewing those candidates.

2. The Challenge: Streamlining the Hiring Process

The traditional hiring process is manual, outdated and cumbersome. For many HR organizations, this includes collecting paper resumes and applications, printing out electronic resumes, passing applications to and from different departments and scheduling phone screenings and interviews.

Depending on the business environment and number of job openings, these manual steps can make the hiring process feel chaotic and disorganized.

The Solution: An automated solution simplifies the process of collecting applications, screening candidates, collaborating with hiring managers and communicating with applicants. By centralizing all of your applicants and candidate information, HR can effectively manage all the applications they receive and optimize the overall hiring process.

3. The Challenge: Managing the Candidate Experience

Job seekers aren’t the only ones who should be concerned about making good first impressions. Businesses should also uphold a positive image to keep applicants interested in their open positions. Employment branding is paramount to keep your most qualified applicants engaged throughout the hiring process, from the minute you post your job opening to every email exchange with your candidates.

The Solution: To effectively manage the candidate experience ensure your HR organization uses consistent messaging and a professional image when you deploy your job openings. Consider the look and feel of your website and careers page – do they portray an accurate representation of your business to potential employees?

Applicants also expect to receive timely updates about where they stand in the hiring process. Emailing or calling every applicant isn’t always possible, and that often results in more follow-up calls and emails from applicants wondering about the status of their applications. Many applicant tracking systems automate this process so applicants receive consistent notifications, ultimately shaping your candidates’ experiences and building trust and good rapport as they move forward in the hiring process.

4. The Challenge: Incorporating Social Media

Social recruiting is a powerful avenue for finding and attracting talent – one in three job seekers use social media as their primary tool for job searching, and two out of three will expand their social recruiting efforts on 2013, as reported by CareerArc Group. But knowing when and how to incorporate social recruiting techniques into your overall hiring strategy can be a challenge.

The Solution: Businesses must first understand the dos and don’ts of social media recruiting, determine how social media fits into HR’s overall recruiting strategy and come up with tactics to connect with the most qualified job seekers on social channels.

Is your organization ready to overcome some of HR’s most common hiring challenges? Contact Hyrell to determine if an automated hiring and recruiting solution is right for you.



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