Indeed Apply – Now Premiering in All Hyrell Instances!

Indeed Apply

Indeed and Hyrell have joined forces to increase job applicant traffic. Beginning today, job seekers who find Hyrell postings on Indeed may use their mobile phones to quickly and easily apply to any position.

According to Indeed, “45% of job search traffic comes from mobile devices, but people generally can’t apply from these devices to the jobs they find.”  Hyrell’s new Indeed Apply Integration will allow these mobile savvy job seekers to apply directly from any smartphone or tablet – which means it’s simpler than ever for applicants to quickly and efficiently submit their applications!


The process is as easy as 1… 2… 3…

1. Job seekers click “Apply Now” and fill out their basic contact information

2. Upload a resume via email, Dropbox, or Google Dive

3. Quickly answer a few “yes / no” pre-qualifying questions and submit the completed application

Once the basic information is received, hiring managers can choose to process this “lite” application, or use the full power of the Hyrell System to automate every aspect of th hiring process (with additional Virtual Interview questions, automated reference checks, instant interview scheduling, etc.).

Overall, this new partnership is designed to increase applicant flow, while simultaneously providing the best application experience for candidates (and the highest conversion rate for employers!).

Want to learn more? Check out our helpful knowledgebase article for a complete step-by-step guide of this new integration and how it can benefit your company.


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