Seeking Success in 2016: Tips for Small Businesses and Job Seekers [Infographic]


Hyrell recently polled over 7,000 small business owners and found that most feel positive about the economy and the future of their organizations as they look ahead to 2016. 

That sentiment was echoed by several members of the International Franchise Association (IFA) Board of Directors in a recent interview. Franchise companies expect that their industries will profit from lower unemployment rates and higher levels of consumer confidence.

Economic prosperity, however, is a double edged sword for small business and franchise owners. As unemployment decreases, it becomes more difficult to recruit quality employees. One solution is to develop creative and low-cost ways to recruit and retain strong candidates.

These companies surveyed by Hyrell offered advice to their peers about how to identify the best applicants, as well as advice to candidates about how to highlight their strengths and improve the likelihood of getting hired.

Check out our infographic below to see what recruiting and hiring practices small business owners recommend in the coming year…

Seeking Success in 2016

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Are you looking to improve your hiring process in the coming year? Hyrell can show you how! Download our free guide to learn more about the benefits of recruiting automation.  


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