Is Your Talent Pool Shrinking? How to Power Up Your Talent Community


Talent communities are interactive groups of people joined by a common interest in engaging with your company. These groups, or talent pools, also consist of job seekers and potential candidates who want to know about career opportunities you may have now or in the future.

A strong talent pool will save you from having to scramble to find top candidates and save you time and money in the recruiting process. Rather than having to re-post open positions to your favorite job boards and dig through old applications, your talent pool gives you access to potential candidates who are already engaged with your business.

Even if you don’t have open positions at the present moment, it’s important to keep job seekers and passive candidates engaged so it becomes easier to find the right talent when a job opportunity does arise. If you’re ready to start making more connections with top talent, consider the following tips to build up your talent pool:

Who Belongs in Your Talent Community

Anyone who has expressed interest in working for your company would be a prime member for your talent community. This also includes job seekers who applied for an open position but weren’t the right fit or applicants that may be the right fit for an open position in the future. Existing employees looking for internal opportunities are also great additions to your talent pool. Last, include people who’ve left the company and non-job-seeking professionals who may be great candidates when the right opportunities arise.

Growing Your Talent Community

Think of your talent pool as a list of contacts you need to consistently nurture. But how will you collect job seekers’ and prospective candidates’ information to add to your talent pool? You need a strategy to build up and constantly grow your list of contacts. Use your applicant tracking system to identify previous candidates who applied for positions in the past. For example, if you’ve rejected applicants that could be a good fit for future positions, inform them that you’d like to add them to your talent pool for future consideration. Also, consider adding a form to your Careers Page that applicants and interested contacts can fill out to keep up with job openings and company news.

Engaging Your Talent Community

To keep your talent pool engaged, include timely, relevant and useful information into your communication strategy. Here are a few ways you can share intriguing information with your talent community:

  • Create compelling information about your company, such as a company blog or recruiting videos, and share via an email newsletter. You can also include industry news, employee highlights and new job openings in your newsletter.
  • Encourage dialogue on social media and your company blog by posting questions and sharing job openings and recruiting videos on your company LinkedIn page or relevant groups.
  • Keep an eye on job-related discussions online. Contribute and answer questions as they relate to your expertise to build recognition for your employer brand.

With a strategy in place to grow and engage your talent pool, you will be ready to identify high-quality candidates when you need them most. To learn more about how you can leverage applicant tracking systems to power up your talent pool, contact Hyrell today.



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