Recruiting Tips: 4 Ideas to Improve Hiring Efficiency


Recruit, interview, hire, repeat. I don’t have to tell you just how exhaustive hiring new talent can be. Without solid processes in place, hiring new employees can be delayed or the wrong individual will be considered over the right one. The good news is there are a number of simple ways you can make your hiring process more efficient. Here are four recruiting tips to get you started:

1. Have a Separate Response Portal for Applicants

Issues arise all day long. You may walk into work with a goal in mind—a set undertaking you’d wish to accomplish—and almost immediately, five other things that demand your attention pop up. According to this recent New York Times article, the average office worker gets about “11 minutes between interruptions” to get back to work and will take “an average of 25 minutes to return to the original task after another interruption.”

As President Lincoln once said, “A house divided will not stand,” and neither will your inbox. Do you have new applications flooding your work email? Segregating applications to an entirely different portal can reduce distractions and keep you efficient. Hyrell’s applicant tracking solution (ATS) offers the ability to have a separate hub for all responses and inquiries, keeping your daily items away from the hiring-specific ones.

2. Set up Gatekeeper Systems

It doesn’t matter how specific you are when writing a job description: You know anyone can (and will) apply no matter his or her qualifications. All someone needs to apply for your open positions is a computer, an Internet connection and a resume.

Sifting through unqualified candidates steals time away. Consider putting up roadblocks or gatekeeper systems like questionnaires that will help sort through the candidates prior to your receiving their resumes. Hyrell enables HR reps to do just that. If the applicant answers all of the premade questions adequately (based on your criteria), then he or she is permitted to move forward. This ensures you review only the cream of the crop.

3. Set Expectations for New Applicants

Job search best practices suggest applicants follow up within one or two weeks. While you think it’s good form to follow up—you’d do it if it were you!—you also know you simply don’t have time to field questions from every applicant. Using Hyrell’s ATS, you can set the expectation ahead of time. By setting an automated turnaround response, you can lessen the extra emails and phone calls you’d normally be receiving from eager candidates.

4. Handle Rejections with a Single Click

No one likes giving bad news, but it’s necessary for an HR representative to let applicants know when a position has been filled. How do you handle the rejection notices? Systematic phone calls? Mass emailing? Hyrell enables you to terminate a job opening once the new hire has been made and notify any and all applicants with one click. This will eliminate the follow up calls that likely would have come in and allows you to focus on bringing your newest employee up to speed.

Want more ideas on making your hiring process more efficient? Our job description template and quick start guide will help you write better job descriptions in less time!


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