The Formula for a Great Virtual Interview Question

how to create a great virtual interview question

Each day, hiring managers are facing new pressures and demanding time constraints. With mounting stacks of resumes, it can seem like an impossible task to thoughtfully evaluate so many incoming applicants. However, with a little help from our Virtual Interview Process, you can streamline your initial applicant evaluation and focus your time and energy on the most qualified candidates. 

A Virtual Interview is not designed to completely replace the traditional sit-down interview. Meeting a candidate face-to-face is still a vital aspect of the hiring and recruiting lifecycle. Instead, the Virtual Interview can save you time and energy in the earlier stages of your selection process – possibly allowing you to bypass your initial round of screening phone calls or group interviews designed to weed out the worst candidates.

We recommend implementing a structured approach to your Virtual Interview questions so that you can mirror the typical first conversation that you have when speaking to a candidate. Here is the structure that we use in the Hyrell Online Hiring System:

  • Background – Try and provide context before you ask a question. Without the supporting conversation of a traditional in-person interview, it can be difficult for an online applicant to understand why you have chosen these particular questions and what you are really look for in a new employee. By providing a question background, hiring managers can “set the stage” for each question, and provide contextual details to help the online applicant shine in the virtual interview process. 
  • Question – Asking a question seems very straightforward, but remember to match your question to the accompanying background information. These two elements should work together to lead your applicant to the type of response you really want to see.
  • Response Tip – Adding a response tip anticipates any follow up questions that an applicant may encounter. A good response tip offers straightforward clarification, so that there is no confusion or miscommunication in the Virtual Interview process.  

Many of our clients, across a wide array of industries, have successfully used this structure to implement a Virtual Interview screening process in their recruiting lifecycle. With this structure in place, you can adapt any of your current interview questions to the Virtual Interview style and start looking for stand-out candidates.  

Additionally, by comparing Virtual Interview answers side-by-side you can ensure that each candidate receives a fair and balanced initial evaluation. Applicants who choose to take the process seriously and put forth their best effort will easily shine, while “speed” applicants who are less engaged can be identified and eliminated.

Hyrell’s Virtual Interview process is just one element of our larger Hiring and Recruiting Solution, to learn more, contact us today for a free demo



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