The Intersection of Hiring Managers and HR Automation

In everyday life we make choices. From the gas station we choose, to the brand of clothing we wear, to the grocery stores at which we shop, we somehow concluded that these buying decisions are a right fit for us. As creatures of habit, we tend to stick with our choices – that is until something better comes along. We’re then free to change our mind and try something new. In our work life however, we don’t always have that freedom.

On the job, decisions generally come at a much slower rate because they usually involve a number of people, each with a uniquely different perspective. The value in that decision-making approach is ‘collective wisdom’. And the trouble with that approach is also ‘collective wisdom’. So at some point, and for better or worse, a decision is to be made. You then learn through experience that the decision was a good one or not. So how does all of this factor into your decision to engage technology in order to make your work life easier and more productive? Read on…

As a hiring official, you must attract applicants, screen them, interview the ones on your short list, optionally perform assessment tests and background checks, and then make a final decision. After you’ve made that decision, you have to onboard them through the use of required documentation, and then verify their eligibility to work in this country. And once you’ve done that for one opening, you get to do it again for another, and another, and another. Wouldn’t reliable, predictable, and easy-to-use automation make this all so much easier? Welcome to the intersection of you and HR Automation.

Just like your everyday life choices and work life decisions as described above, you’ve elected to shop for the ‘best fit’ automation tool that will addresses your particular needs. After all, hiring is just one of your myriad duties and responsibilities. So here are some tips to help you get to a good decision point:

  • Look for a cloud-based hiring management tool that does not require a contract (in case you end up with buyer’s remorse)
  • Ask for referrals. Call the referrals. Ask about system reliability AND customer support
  • Ask a ton of questions of your account manager to ensure the tool does everything you need
  • Ask how the tool will be hosted and how the security of your data will be handled
  • Inquire if the company has a verifiable track record of turning client suggestions into real functionality within the tool
  • Ask what new features they have planned for future enhancements of the tool
  • Find out if the tool has integrated other services such as personality assessments, background checks, and the like
  • Determine how issues (bugs) are handled in terms of speed of fix  
  • Ask how your data will be returned to you in the event you ever stop using the vendor’s service
  • Finally, ask for a price, as most online hiring system providers do not provide that information on their websites 

In closing, your decision to engage automation should not be complicated. A wise decision is made when you’re armed with good information. The tips listed about are offered as a means to obtain that information. So the light in the intersection has just turned green. Please proceed to drive to a well-informed decision.

To learn more about how automation can improve your hiring process, download our guide: Stop Wasting Time and Money—Explore the Benefits of Recruiting Automation.


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