CertaPro Painters Franchisees Hire the Right People
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Serge Nadeau
Serge Nadeau

Serge Nadeau has co-owned CertaPro Painters of Southern New Hampshire with his wife, Heidi, since 2004. His business’s contractors provide residential and commercial clients with quality interior and exterior painting services.

Hiring and Recruiting Challenges

Serge rarely needs to hire new sales team members; he brings in a new team member about once a year. But when he did have to hire someone, the process was painful and disruptive, and it often meant pushing regular business duties to the side.

As Serge reflected on hiring new sales team members in the days before using Hyrell, he noted, “When you’re looking to hire a person, you have to give up something, be it sales, office time, or running the business. You have to give up something because there are only so many hours in the day.” 

The problem wasn’t just that Serge put aside regular business tasks to cull through applicants. On eight different occasions, he hired someone who he thought was the right candidate, but the person ended up being a poor fit for the business.

Job Posting and Hiring, Simplified

The last time Serge realized he needed to add to his sales team, he looked for help in the hiring process. He’d heard from his General Manager and through other CertaPro businesses about approved hiring vendor Hyrell, which could help with franchise hiring.

Serge was quickly impressed with how Hyrell’s job posting simplifies hiring the right person for the job. Hyrell allows him to select from a set of questions and generate his own, which are presented to a potential candidate during the job application process. Not only do the questions make it easier to identify the right candidates to focus on, they also encourage less qualified candidates to de-select themselves. “The end result is that I have good candidates,” Serge says.

Posting the job is simple, too. Serge is impressed with how Hyrell automatically posts to numerous internet job boards and many locations he didn’t even know about, with the push of a button.

Hyrell Helps Find the Right Hire, Quickly 

Because Serge hires so infrequently, each time he posted a new position, he had to retrain himself on how to read the resumes, cover letters, and emails. Before Hyrell, he would spend more than 40 hours for each job posting, manually sifting through and reading the 30 to 40 applications that came in, trying to find the right set of candidates for the job.

With Hyrell, Serge has cut downtime spent reviewing applications to under an hour. Hyrell uses the questions and Serge’s desired candidate responses to filter through the applicants, providing only the cream of the crop for review. In fact, the last time he hired using Hyrell, Serge only had to review four applications, not 40.

Those four candidates were among the highest quality candidates Serge has seen. CertaPro scores candidates based on the quality of fit for the specific position in the franchise and Serge says the scores he’s seen for the candidates are anywhere from 25% higher than they were before he started using Hyrell.

The Bottom Line 

CertaPro Painters of Southern New Hampshire doesn’t just save time when hiring with Hyrell, the business is also are more likely than ever before to find the right person for the job. Serge sums it up by saying, “I will never hire any position in my business that has to do with our front office without using Hyrell.”

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