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Feature Friday: Organization - Structure and an Orderly Approach to Tasks

hyrell_blogimage_featurefriday_organization“Organization” has several well-known meanings. Perhaps the most common is structural - an associated body of people with a particular purpose, especially a business.  However, the slightly more nuanced definitions are just as interesting:  (a) the action of organizing something; (b) the structure or arrangement of related or connected items; and (c) an efficient and orderly approach to tasks.  

A properly-designed business application will be able to leverage your Organization structure to keep you organized. And yes, we believe Hyrell is a properly designed business application.  Here’s how:

#1 - Your Structure

 With Hyrell, you can set up your Organizational structure to best match your hiring process.  You can use whatever combination of Locations, Departments, or Regions you desire and link Jobs to each as needed.  

As Google articulately states, setting the system up in this manner allows you to optimize “the structure or arrangement of related or connected items.”

#2 - An Efficient and Orderly Approach to Tasks

Once you’ve got the Organizational structure set up, you can then focus on the action of organization, specifically “an efficient and orderly approach to tasks”.   

Some of the features within Hyrell that help you do this, as it relates to your Organizational process, include:

  • Allowing/restricting the visibility of Users to defined areas of your Organization structure.  As an example, you may want your Eastern Manager to only have access to the hiring activities of her region. Using the Organization and User controls in Hyrell, you can set each user up as needed.
  • Allowing certain users to perform certain tasks. Everyone can’t do everything, especially as it relates to hiring. Leveraging the User Roles within Hyrell will allow you to ensure that the correct people are taking the correct tasks. 
  • Growing and changing. Over time, your Organization may change.  You might add departments. You might grow your geographic reach. You might have a company-wide reorganization. Using Hyrell’s click-and-add Organization features allows you to alter your hiring system layout to mirror the real-world changes in a matter of minutes. 

Organization, in terms of both Structure and the approach to completing tasks, is important. So use a hiring system that will work with your existing organization and give you the flexibility to control exactly how you hire. To learn more about Hyrell’s Organization options for your company, check out ourknowledgebase article.  

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