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Hiring 101: 10 Ways to Attract More Applicants (Part 2)


As we mentioned in last week’s post, attracting quality applicants can be a major challenge for business owners. In order for a business to compete in today’s competitive job market, it is essential to attract the right type of talent, using the best tips and tricks available. 

Last week, we focused on the first step to attracting more applicants – writing a better job posting. This week we want to share our second step – using the best position posting tactics on major Internet job boards. With these simple tactics, you can reach out to a more targeted audience of job seekers to find the best potential employees for your business. 

STEP 2: Using the Best Position Posting Tactics

  • Post to Craigslist. Don’t get pulled in by the flashy job search sites. Many applicants are simply searching Craigslist for open positions. As an added bonus, posting to Craigslist is often free and provides instant access to a wide pool of job seekers.  
  • Post Positions Early In the Week. If you do post to internet job boards, make sure to post when most applicants are searching – the beginning of the work week. 
  • Refresh Job Postings. As more jobs are added, your position drops down the list. Refreshing your position a few times a s week allows your job to appear of the top of the search results. 
  • Post to Specialty or Boutique Job Boards. Do you need to fill a very technical job? Try posting your position to a technical board! Specialty or boutique job boards are a great way to reach out to a small pool of potential applicants. 
  • Reach Out to Local Colleges or Trade Schools. Student interns and recent graduates can be a great source of fresh ideas and new talent for your company. You can use this talent pool to your advantage building a relationship with the career counseling centers at local schools.

In conclusion, there are two major steps that any hiring manager must take to ensure the best and brightest job applicants:

(1) focus on writing a good job posting, and

(2) use the best job posting tactics to attract the most applicants to your open position.  

With these ten tips, you can hire the most qualified individuals, in the least amount of time. 

If you follow these steps and increase the number of applicants, you’ll be happy to have an online hiring system like Hyrell to help you manage the increased applicant information and communication!  Did you know you can give Hyrell a free for 30 day test drive?

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This is disclaimer text. We’ve shared these tips to help educate you on social media employment screenings and considerations for your business — this information should not be construed as legal advice. But if your company chooses to screen applicants on social media or want to explore the topic even further, consult with an attorney for advice related to this screening tactic.

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