Hyrell Hints: Tips for Reversing Low Applicant Flow

Need More Applicants?

If you are seeing a lower applicant flow recently

than you are used to or than you expected

- you are in the right place.

It's not you.

Business is back in full swing and you need to hire, fast.
The problem is the applications aren’t coming in as quickly as expected.

You aren’t alone. Businesses across the country are experiencing a low quantity or low quality of applicants, in every industry.

While not being alone in that plight doesn’t make it better, we do have a few quick things you can try that may help you to stand out in front of other businesses hiring for the same job.


Spare minutes are few and far between these days. We’ve put together a few quick tips designed to make the most of your time while producing the best results. While these aren’t a silver bullet, checking a few of these off will certainly give you a leg up.

Change up your job title
Don’t change it so much that people don’t understand what job they are applying for, but be creative. Make the job stand out when applicants are scrolling through open jobs – you want them to stop on yours to see what it’s about.

Make the first sentence of your job description stand out
Typically, the first sentence will be the second thing (after the job title) that applicants use to quickly decide whether they want to click on your open job to learn more. Attention and space are limited – make it count.

Be clear about the pay range
It’s not always necessary to include a pay range, however, most job seekers these days prefer to know at least a general range of what they can expect for pay. In fact, according to a survey by StackOverflow, Job listings that included a salary range got 75% more clicks than job listings that didn’t.

Bonus: you won’t waste time with candidates that fall off halfway through the process because their expectations didn’t align with yours.

Add a video to your job description
51% of job seekers say they would be more attracted to a company that had job postings with visual elements than to a company that didn’t.

Have a Few More Minutes?

Here are a few extra tricks you can try

Consider a signing and/or retention bonus
Entice candidates with a little something extra to welcome them to your business family. Additionally, let potential candidates know that if they commit to sticking with you, they may be rewarded with some additional incentives down the line – monetary or otherwise. Knowing that their employer values loyalty goes a long way in employee productivity and perceived value.

Offer remote work or flexible schedules
We realize this isn’t an option for every business, but if you can – add the ability to have a more flexible schedule or be able to work remotely a few days a week. This goes a long way with applicants, especially in the post-COVID environment.

Bring on the fun
Give applicants a quick glimpse into the things your team does together. Whether it’s go-karts, company trips, or office parties – give candidates something to look forward to before they are hired.

Ready to get started?

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