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How Many Clicks Does It Take To Fill Out Your Job Application?

How Many Clicks Does It Take To Fill Out Your Job Application

A candy commercial from the 1960s famously asked: “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?” Recruiters and HR professionals need to answer a similar existential question: “How many clicks does it take to finally complete your job application?”

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Explaining Effective Applicant Communication to Decision Makers


There’s no denying searching for jobs can be a lengthy process, so when job seekers find a job they feel is a good fit, they get hopeful. They send in their application materials and eagerly await HR’s response. But more often than not, they never hear back.

Poor follow up consistently ranks as one of job seekers’ biggest grievances about the job search. Improving communication between the HR department and job applicants is something you’ve been trying to remedy at your company for a long time. Through your research, you’ve found applicant tracking software (ATS) may be your solution to keeping applicants better informed throughout the application and consideration processes.

There’s just one problem: Not all of the decision makers at your company see improved communication with applicants as a priority, especially not one that necessitates spending money on a third-party tool. They don’t see why it matters if HR does not respond to every candidate.

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Senior Living HR: What are the Best Applicant Qualities?

hyrell_blogimage_seniorliving1Hyrell is very excited to be attending the Leading Age Annual Meeting & Expo next week in Dallas, TX. This event is an opportunity for the Senior Living Industry to come together and discuss shared challenges and exciting new opportunities. As we gear up for this event, we are shifting our focus to thehiring and recruiting challenges faced by members of the Senior Living Industry.

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Feature Friday: Auto Refresh

hyrell_blogimage_featurefriday_autorefresh1Do you remember Ron Popeil – American inventor and infomercial master? Over the course of his career, Ron raked in $2 billion in sales from his inventions that capitalized on time saving automation through new kitchen appliances. Ron would often host hour long infomercial specials that would entice viewers to buy the Ronco Rotisserie with his signature phrase: “Set it and forget it!” 

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Wishes Can Come True: Small Businesses and Automating the Recruitment Process

hyrell_blogimage_automationwishesIf you work in HR at a small business, you know there aren’t enough hours in the day to handle all the items on your task list. Recruiting new employees is essential to grow a company, but the amount of paperwork and coordination required to conduct a thorough search for new talent can be overwhelming.

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In A Competitive Job Market, Make Your Candidates a Partner in the Recruiting Process

hyrell_blogimage_candidateexperienceIt appears that hiring and wages in the service sector are heating up. The Society for Human Resource Management’s most recent Leading Indicators of National Employment (LINE) report suggests that service providers expected September hiring rates to increase 14.6 points compared to one year ago, while in August new hire compensation in the service sector increased 6.7 points compared to last year. 

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Feature Friday: Messages -- Collaborate & Communicate

hyrell_blogimage_featurefriday_messagesCommunication is easy using today’s technology.  Too easy, in fact.  The various platforms we can utilize (email, social networks, chat tools, text messages) now lead to a related issue - “How did I send that message and where is it?” 

In the workplace, and specifically with Recruiting, the importance of accurate, and complete, communication threads is obvious.  Who was the last person to communicate with that applicant?  What was said?  What was Jill Supervisor’s interview feedback? 

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