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2019 Unemployment Rates You Need to Know

2019 unemployment rates 

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Indeed Apply - Now Premiering in All Hyrell Instances!

Indeed Apply

Indeed and Hyrell have joined forces to increase job applicant traffic. Beginning today, job seekers who find Hyrell postings on Indeed may use their mobile phones to quickly and easily apply to any position.

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How Can I Use Company Benefits to Increase Applicant Interest?

“Company benefits” can mean different things to different companies. Most often we think in terms of traditional benefits (401k, health, and dental), but some organizations (i.e. big players like Google) build their entire corporate culture around providing exceptional benefits and work-life balance.

Now maybe you can’t afford 24/7 luxury amenities, but regardless of what benefits package is realistic for your organization, it’s important to list something in the benefits section of your job description.  This strategy can increase applicant flow, while helping you show off a little bit of your corporate culture.

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How Can I Improve My Applicant Flow?

To find the best employees you need to sift through a lot of applicants. While applicant tracking systems and hiring automation can help ease the pain of this process, one lingering problem remains: What do you do if you don’t have enough applicants? 

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