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3 Articles to Help Fight Employee Burnout

Help Fight Employee Burnout

In a highly competitive talent market, attracting top quality candidates is challenging enough. You use the best recruiting tools to find the best employees, but what if one of your top performers suddenly quits? Is company culture to blame? Or is the real culprit employee burnout?

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Stopping Stress in Its Tracks: How Hiring Managers Can Help


“I can’t take the stress anymore! No job is worth this amount of grief.” Have these thoughts ever crossed your mind? Or have you perhaps overhead similar comments in your workplace?

Research suggests stress is a more common reason for employee turnover than hiring managers may realize. A recent international survey by Monster found 42 percent of U.S. respondents have left previous jobs due to stress. Even if stress does not lead to turnover at your organization, it is often a contributor to absenteeism and tardiness. The Society for Human Resource Management reported stress in the workplace translates into hundreds of billions of dollars lost each year in the U.S. economy due to reduced productivity, as well as health care expenses.

Although there are many reasons why employees may feel stress on the job, here are a few the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health identified:

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