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The Anatomy of an AWESOME Customer Service Rep [SlideShare]

Most franchisees and small business owners struggle to find customer service representatives that can help their organization grow. In the past we’ve shared general hiring tips on how to hire your next employee, but we know that finding a CSR is a unique hiring process. Always remember, CSRs are the face of your business. You need to find savvy individuals who can build a strong rapport with your customers so that they remain loyal to your company for years to come.

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5 Ways to Identify Problem Job Candidates (Before They Become Problem Employees)

5 Ways to Identify Problem Job Candidates

There can be costs of a bad hire to any organization, no matter how big or small. As with most situations, it is better to be proactive rather than reactive. The key is to catch these problem employees before they become a part of your company. Finding the problem applicants early on in the hiring process can allow you to get to your “super star” candidates earlier. So here are 5 tips that can help you identify problem job candidates in the early stages of the recruitment process:

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Why Should I Work For You?

Why Should I Work For You?

In quite a few recent blog posts (here, here and here), the Hyrell team and I have taken a look inside the interview process. While researching and putting this information together, we discussed many good questions that can/should be asked during a typical job interview.  And, we also noted that the candidate should have their own interview questions in order to get a better sense of the company, the culture, and what kind of fit they will be in the organization. 

Coincidentally, I had recent conversation with a well-qualified job-seeking friend & colleague. We talked about the job search, the interview process, and what was the right move for him.  We began to discuss why he would work for any of the companies that were interested in him, and it became clear to me that we shared the same view that many qualified applicants are beginning to embrace: “Why Should I Work For YOU?”

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How to Make Internal Hiring a Natural Part of Your Recruiting Process


Finding top talent can be an ongoing struggle for any business. But while hiring talent from outside the organization is a great tactic to bring new skill sets into the company and give you a leg up on the competition, there are many benefits to hiring from within as well.

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The Best Hiring Stories: “The Drug Test That Surprised Everyone”


Last week we shared a few of our favorite hiring stories and we hope our blog post gave you a few chuckles. But the fun doesn’t stop there—we’ve got more memorable hiring stories coming right up, including a few from our customers and some seasoned HR professionals. So sit back, relax and enjoy a few more laughs from the hiring and recruiting frontier.

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What Exactly is “Online Hiring?”

What Exactly is Online Hiring?

We’ve all heard the phrases “online hiring” and “hiring automation” tossed around in Human Resources conversations.  But what exactly do they mean?  In reality, online hiring means different things to different people, and there are a wide range of activities and services that fall under the umbrella of hiring automation.  Whether your company utilizes a full suite of HR productivity software, or only occasionally accepts resumes via email, chances are you’re doing at least some part of your hiring online.  So let’s talk about what online hiring means for applicants as well as employers. 

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HR Hiring Dilemma: Candidate Walks in Wearing a Tuxedo …


Last week we shared a clip featuring a the interview scene from the film “The Internship,” in which Vince Vaughn’s and Owen Wilson’s characters conduct a memorable interview likely to make most hiring managers cringe. We also asked a few experts to weigh in and share how they’d handle the interview if put in a similar situation. 

We’re continuing the series this week with another clip, featuring two candidates who took “dress to impress” to a whole new level:

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What’s the Cost of a Bad Hire?

What's the Cost of a Bad Hire?

What’s the actual cost to your company if you hire the wrong candidate? ...$10 ...$1,000 ...$100,000?

“Bad Hire” cost estimates are all over the board and can vary dramatically by industry, job type and company. Some organizations rely on extremely complicated and in-depth formulas to examine the far reaching effects of this slightly intangible cost. While others just have the intrinsic sense that the number is most likely high, and should probably be avoided if at all possible.

Since most companies don’t have a resident cost of hiring algebra savant readily available, we asked a few members of Team Hyrell to share their thoughts on what they think is the biggest “cost” of a bad hire:

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[QUIZ] What Type of HR Pro Are You?


How would you describe your HR personality? Do you keep your business leaders on the cusp of HR trends and hiring technology? Do you thrive on processes and keeping the company on track? Or do you live and breathe things like rewards, recognition and retention?

Every HR personality is essential to the operation, and we thought it was time to celebrate your HR expertise right here on the blog. To uncover your HR personality and the strengths you bring to your company, take our fun-filled quiz! 

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HR Hiring Dilemma: Interview with an Obnoxious Candidate…


We recently shared some of our favorite hiring stories, from rejected candidates asking to bum a few bucks off the hiring manager to applicants leaving angry voicemails for recruiters. The list of hilarious hiring moments goes on and on—and some would say these types of hiring stories could be meant for the big screen!

Because we felt so inspired by the hiring stories our clients, colleagues and recruiting experts have shared, we started thinking about some of our favorite hiring moments in pop culture history. The first one we share today depicts a pretty memorable scene in which two job applicants conduct a video interview. Let’s cut to the clip:

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