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Common Hiring Mistakes to Avoid to Foster a Great Company Culture

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3 Ways to Implement HR Technology with Ease

3 Ways to Implement HR Technology with Ease

If you have not implemented HR technology with a company before, it can be a challenging and trying experience. It is not the same as training your employees on sexual harassment or OSHA rules. If you are implementing a new software to your employees, it is just that -- new. You might not even be familiar with the product, but you are trying to teach others.

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Recruiting is Sales Masquerading as Human Resources

hyrell_blogimage_maskAt its core, Recruiting is Sales.  Technically it may be a function of, or department within, Human Resources, but if you analyze the duties and desired results of Recruiting, it looks a lot more like Sales than we often acknowledge.

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The Irony of HR Technology Adoption


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