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Why Your Applicant Tracking System Won’t Replace Your Recruiter


“Siri … I’d like to find the perfect candidates for my open positions.” In today’s high-tech world, it’s tempting to think an applicant tracking system (ATS) can replace the recruiting function as easily as Siri answers queries for iPhone users. The reality, however, is that ATSs work best when they are used to enhance the recruiting role. Let’s take a closer look at how and why your recruiting responsibilities can become more effective when they are supported by an applicant tracking system. 

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DOT Compliance - We Automate That Too

DOT by Hyrell

At Hyrell, we are always trying to push hiring and recruiting automation to new levels. Since 2007, we’ve been hard at work tackling all of your hiring headaches (both big and small):

Automating applicant evaluation? Check.

Simplifying reference Checks? Double check.

Finding new ways to streamline the interview scheduling process? Triple check.

But we weren’t done yet. We wanted to take on a bigger challenge. Which is why Team Hyrell is proud to announce the latest advancement to our Online Hiring and Recruiting Software: DOT by Hyrell.  DOT by Hyrell is a Department of Transportation (DOT) Compliance Management integration within your Hiring System.

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Are You Losing Your Mind to These Hiring Headaches? [Infographic]

hiringheadacheDid you know corporations receive 250 applications on average for a single job posting? Did you know online job listings can cost up to $419 per posting? The more time and money you have to spend manually posting job descriptions and collecting paper resumes, the less resources you have to focus on growing your company’s most valuable asset—your employees. 

We know these are some of the hiring and recruiting challenges that can make your head spin, which is why we hope this infographic will give you a good laugh and put some of your HR headaches at ease:

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'Tis the Season for Holiday Shopping and Happy Hiring in the New Year


My wife does most of the Christmas shopping for our family. Scratch that.  My wife does all of the Christmas shopping for our family. And her shifting shopping habits mimic the macro trends reported everywhere.  I also believe that her shifting habits parallel the adoption of SaaS applications. Now, before you think I am stretching this comparison to thin, let me explain…

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What Are the Challenges of Paper-Based Recruiting?


Businesses receive dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of resumes for each job posting.
Like many HR professionals, you may struggle to navigate the hiring process and find the best candidates in such large applicant pools.

For many traditional HR organizations, paper-based procedures make the process of finding and hiring the right employees even more difficult. Here we’ve identified five of the biggest challenges of paper-based recruiting.

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Taking the Plunge – 3 Keys to Your Online Recruiting System Final Decision

hyrell_blogimage_buyersguide2So after a painstaking evaluation process, you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and automate your hiring process. You’ve done your homework, requested information from your top contenders and now the big decision – which Online Recruitment System is right for you?

This final decision is no small undertaking, and with so many products and feature sets on the market, it can be difficult to find your perfect match. But before the task becomes too overwhelming, take a moment to read through these three key areas that are essential to finding your prefect system:

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