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What’s Your Talent Brand?

hyrell_blogimage_talentbrandIn the business world, brands connect companies and customers. They also distinguish an organization’s products or services from those of competitors. The world of recruiting is no different – your talent brand serves as a link between you and potential new employees. According to LinkedIn, talent brands incorporate what past, present, and potential employees think, feel, and share about a company as a place to work. 

So, why is having a strong talent brand important? Just as companies with strong product brands have large, loyal customer bases – think Apple – organizations with strong talent brands attract large numbers of quality candidates for open positions. That translates into new hires who have the skills you need and are likely to fit well with your company culture. It also means that HR doesn’t have to resort to costly recruiting alternatives like search firms to find candidates. Research suggests that companies with strong talent brands have lower turnover rates and a lower cost per hire. 

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Topics: Recruiting Best Practices, Culture, Talent Brand

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