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Vet-O-Matic: An ATS for the Serious HR Professional

Vet-O-Matic An ATS for the Serious HR Professional

Remember those persuasive infomercials that touted a machine that processed all kind of food ingredients into precisely what you wanted? That 1960’s machine was (and still is) “Veg-O-Matic”, one of the first food-processing appliances ever invented. Then there was “Super Bass-O-Matic 76”, made famous by Dan Aykroyd on Saturday Night Live in the 70’s. That machine was so efficient that you could “process the whole bass without scaling, cutting, or gutting.” Well, fast-forward 40+ years and you’ll find that the same phenomenon beginning to emerge in the HR space. Yes, a tool that ‘automatically attracts, vets, and presents quality applicants that meet your specific criteria instead of settling for large quantities of applicants that don’t.’ Enter “Vet-O-Matic”.

Ok, so you may be the type of hiring official that wants to post a job and get a ton of applicants. That seems like a logical result. So you go out to one of those super job boards and they do a great job of attracting precisely the numbers you want and expect. Now what?

Large numbers of job applications need to be opened and reviewed for relevance. The first few are (almost) fun. You get to see what someone’s made of – after all, that’s what you’re paid to do. After combing through the first dozen or so, you move past the ‘chaff’ and you set aside the ‘keepers’ in order to develop your short list. You begin to make the calls – you know the ones – those must-do exploratory calls. Those calls are needed because you know that no one ever writes a bad resume. Enter telephone tag.

Of your half dozen short-listers, you decide to interview two. Now some more telephone tag, schedule coordination, and finally that first interview. Whew, out of that ton of applicants, you finally found a couple who seem to meet your hiring criteria. A ton yields two candidates – it’s like panning for gold. So what if I told you that there’s an app for that? The name of that app is “Vet-O-Matic” (Not really its name, but you get the idea.)

So what does “Vet-O-Matic” do? Well, with a push of a button it…

  • Provides an electronic library of every position that it takes to run your company
  • Posts to hundreds of (no-cost) job boards 
  • Automatically vets every single applicant so that you only receive applicants who match your vetting criteria: yes/no qualifying question sets; a virtual interview; gathers required documents; references; education/employment histories; and yes, it even provides a resume
  • Features a useful dashboard and job applicant processing center
  • Offers fully-integrated services including background checks, assessment testing, payroll feed, and tax credit evaluations
  • Electronically onboards your new hires and even provides E-Verify services
  • For logistics companies, it offers a warehouse aptitude assessment test and DOT Driver Qualification Files for commercial drivers
  • Finally, it maintains every applicant file in a talent pool so that you can “go fishing in your own pond” while at the same time actively recruiting new qualified talent

So if you act now, you can have “Vet-O-Matic” shipped direct to your monitor within 24 hours. During this special offer period, you get the complete Vet-O-Matic system with no long-term contract and our low introductory price. But hang on, if you are one of the first callers, you’ll also get our live, US-based complete customer support package absolutely free.  Call or log on now!

Seem too good to be true? Well, it is true -- Hyrell Online Hiring Systems offers a system that does all that and more. Our cloud-based technology is working for literally thousands of users all across America. So if you’d like to try Hyrell’s “Vet-O-Matic”, please contact us today.  Our operators are standing by...

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