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How to Write a Killer Job Description

Quick Start Guide and Template

“The basic job description is the foundation of early every HR function, therefore, the responsibilities, qualifications and company overview for your job descriptions drive not only the recruiting strategy for your positions but also training and performance metrics for the roles.”

Kathryn Tyler
Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)

If job descriptions are so critical, why are traditional postings so robotic?

Every job in every industry has a purpose. Even if it’s not the most exciting position in the world, your company should strive to find the best candidate for the job and one who is passionate about the work and your company. Your job description is your first opportunity to attract these candidates.

But before you start stressing out about how to write your next job description, check out our Quick-Start Guide to:

  • Learn what you should do before you begin writing a job description
  • Learn the basics of every job description and what to consider as you write
  • Reference real examples from great job descriptions
  • Download a job description template you can apply to almost any position

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