Hyrell Exceeds One Million Dollar Commitment for COVID-19 Relief Program

For Immediate Release
North Wales, PA – July 9, 2020

Hyrell, the award-winning franchise recruiting software provider, today announced that they have surpassed the $1 million commitment mark that they set for their COVID Relief Program.

The COVID Relief Program was developed as a way to provide the franchise industry with resources necessary to start rebuilding after the global pandemic forced immediate closures in many businesses. The program provided free unlimited access to Hyrell’s hiring system for three months for any franchisee or franchisor that wanted to participate.

Hyrell covid relief program franchise hiring

“Hyrell has always been a company that aspires to helping our community grow through hiring great people. Passing the $1 million mark in our COVID Relief Program is just a further illustration of our commitment to the franchise community and the country.” says Chris Warren, Hyrell’s COO.

With government relief ending in July, Hyrell has provided franchise business owners the tools necessary to attract the best talent in the marketplace at the perfect time and with no cost. The Hyrell team is dedicated to getting America back to work and continues to prove that as their monetary commitment far exceeds their initial COVID Relief Program goals. Visit hyrell.com/covid19 for more information.


About Hyrell

Hyrell Online Hiring Systems is a privately-owned provider of web-based hiring solutions. Hyrell provides leading-edge hiring solutions throughout the franchise industry. These solutions are built with industry best practices and are designed to efficiently identify the best quality applicants for any organization. For more information, please call 1-855-887-2965 or visit hyrell.com

Hyrell is a sister company of Benetrends Financial. Benetrends Financial, offers a full suite of funding options to help entrepreneurs secure the capital needed for their small business or franchise. The company originated the 401(k)/IRA tax-deferred and penalty-free rollover process with its Rainmaker Plan®, helping over 15,000 entrepreneurs in the last 35 years.

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