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Comfort Keepers Attracts Quality Applicants with Hyrell

About Comfort Keepers


Comfort Keepers relies on its dedicated team of professionals to provide superior in-home care to the elderly, the physically impaired, and those with dementia. The hiring process, which includes a series of rigorous interviews, is the key to helping Comfort Keepers franchises around the country find the right employees to care for their clients.

Reaching the Right Applicants is a Challenge

Richard Kuethe found it difficult to reach quality candidates for the Windsor, CO Comfort Keepers franchise where he works. ”I wasn’t certain that we were always reaching the right audience,” Kuethe said of his hiring process prior to using Hyrell.

Kuethe wasn’t alone in this challenge. The Yucapia and Riverside, CA franchises where Margo Gaynor handles HR were struggling to find quality staff to handle the growing clientele base in a region where unemployment rates were plummeting. “We were really struggling,” Gaynor said. “We were just scrapping for people.”

Karen Brumm saw a positive change in the quality of applicants immediately after her Huntington Beach, CA franchise began using Hyrell in March of 2013. Filtering candidate applications based on their answers to specific questions has allowed her to focus on those who offer a higher level of quality, value, and professionalism.

“Just having the process in place has allowed for a higher level of professional caregiver to come through our office and serve our clients,” Brumm said of her experience with Hyrell.

Implementing Hyrell is Quick and Easy 

Each franchise was thrilled with how quick and easy it was to implement Hyrell.. “Within a day, I had all of these applicants at my fingertips,” Gaynor recollected.

Gaynor, who was strapped for minutes in her day and didn’t have time for a complex implementation, said it only took a few phone calls and short training sessions with the Hyrell team before she was able to get up and running on a fully-functional and easy-to-use system. Brumm had a similar experience, finding that the Hyrell team was – and continues to be – highly responsive when a question comes up.

“Hyrell’s customer service is top notch. They get back to us efficiently and are really helpful,” Brumm said.

Although she doesn’t consider herself particularly technical, Brumm also liked that she could simply convey what she wanted to do in the software, and the flexibility of Hyrell system and knowledgeable customer support team was able customize the system to meet her needs.

Kuethe also liked the ease with which he could customize the system, but still reuse existing pieces that met his needs. When first implementing Hyrell, he was able to take pre-created job templates from Hyrell’s Community Library and quickly customize them to fit his needs.

Kuethe also customized Disposition Codes and Stages as he reviewed applications. With this flexibility, he was able to categorize applicants for future consideration when a position meeting their qualifications opened up. “I just love the customizing, honestly. It’s easy,” Kuethe said.


Finding the Right Applicants

Hyrell makes it easier for these Comfort Keepers franchises to find the right applicants. Before Hyrell, each job was posted manually to numerous job posting sites. With Hyrell, a posting can be sent out to multiple job posting sites at once; something Kuethe called “one stop shopping.” 

The inefficient process of manually wading through applications is also a thing of the past with Hyrell. “It took up a lot of time, and I don’t mean office time. It took time on the weekends.” Kuethe said of the pre-Hyrell application review process

Kuethe has seen a substantial decrease in the amount of time he spends looking at applications, and Brumm agrees. “It’s quick. It’s easy. We can reject people right then and there, on the spot.”

With Hyrell, applicants are automatically filtered based on their answers to questions on the application. For Gaynor, having qualifying questions answered before a phone interview, such as whether the applicant has a valid state driver’s license or has been TB-tested, saves her time. She knows before calling someone for an interview that they have the basic qualifications necessary to work with her Comfort Keepers franchise and she can focus on how the applicant presents him or herself in the interview.


Interviews Improve with Hyrell

No-shows for interviews have been problematic for these Comfort Keepers franchises in the past, but all have experienced a significant drop in the number of applicants who don’t show up for a scheduled interview.

“The rate of people not showing up has gone down tremendously because we’ve filtered them out,” Brumm said.

Hyrell also made it easy for Brumm to call in a number of candidates for group interviews. Using a custom view, Brumm could display all viable applicants for a particular position and invite them to a group interview session. This made theinterview scheduling process more efficient for her, saving valuable time.

Candidates have also noticed the Hyrell application process. Brumm said she has had candidates tell her that they liked the application and the process;  that it was different from the other job applications out there. “Our applicants feel like they’re being heard, “Brumm said. “That’s the culture that we want to create in our office; that our candidates and our employees are important.”

Recommended to Make the HR Job Easier

Gaynor has no qualms recommending Hyrell to her counterparts in other Comfort Keepers offices. “I would highly, highly recommend Hyrell. We’ve been thrilled with it. And I don’t know how we would have gotten to this point without it,” Gaynor said.

Hyrell’s simplification of the HR process and the quick and smooth implementation process were big factors in Gaynor’s positive recommendation of the system.

Kuethe recommends Hyrell for its customization capabilities, and ease of use. He especially likes the dashboard, which gives him a complete overview of everything that’s important to his business.

For Brumm, using Hyrell makes her more efficient, something from which she thinks other franchises will benefit. “Everything is kept in one spot. It makes your office run more efficiently,” Brumm said. 

The Bottom Line

Hyrell helps Comfort Keepers franchises find quality people for the job quickly to meet the needs of an aging population looking for in-home care. Franchises no longer have to sacrifice valuable time to find top care professionals; Hyrell improves the time spent on the full hiring process, from posting to application review to hire. 



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