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CertaPro Painters Finds the Right Employees with Hyrell

Hiring sales team members for Serge Nadeau’s CertaPro Painters franchise was always time consuming and often problematic. He would put aside regular business tasks to review the numerous applications that came in, and on several occasions, he “crashed and burned” with the person he selected. Hyrell’s Applicant Tracking System provides only qualified applicants for review, cutting down the owner’s time spent finding the right person for the job, and the risk that the new hire won’t work out. Read More



Comfort Keepers Attracts Quality Applicants with Hyrell

Finding quality applicants for various in-home patient care positons has been difficult for Karen Brumm, Margo Gaynor, and Richard Kuethe’s Comfort Keepers franchises. Although the franchises often received numerous applicants from a single job posting, the number of viable applicants remained low, yet significant time was spent reviewing candidates who didn’t meet even basic criteria. Hyrell’s Applicant Tracking System made it easy for these franchises to send out job postings to sites that attract top talent, while allowing Brumm, Gaynor, and Kuethe to quickly and easily filter out candidates who aren’t a good fit. Read More

The UPS Store Franchise Finds Higher Quality Candidates and Improves Performance with Hyrell

When it came to hiring employees for the peak December holiday season and all year around, the store managers at Gary Williams, Jr.’s three UPS Stores often struggled to find quality candidates. Ads in community newspapers and help wanted signs simply weren’t working. Hyrell’s Applicant Tracking System automates the posting process and filters out the best candidates, saving both the managers and store owner time.  Read More


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