Hyrell Partners with the International Midas Dealers Association

Scranton, Penn (October 18, 2011) – Hyrell Online Hiring Systems, the premier web-based hiring solution, announced that the company will provide hiring solutions for the members of the International Midas Dealers Association (IMDA), an organization representing, advocating and dedicated to improving the Midas System on behalf of Midas franchisees. 

Hyrell is now the preferred hiring partner for the IMDA, offering an integrated online system that provides efficient hiring solutions to over 650 Midas franchise locations nationwide. This state-of-the-art hiring technology gives individual Midas locations the ability to automatically post new positions on large national job boards. The system collects, stores and organizes all incoming applications by pre-qualifying applicants on criteria set by the franchisee. Systematic auto-communication features will allow owners to easily stay in touch with the applicants throughout the entire process.

“IMDA is an ideal client for Hyrell. We feel strongly that we can assist in making their hiring process much more efficient and effective, saving them time and money,” said Brian Clark, CEO of Hyrell.

“We are confident that Hyrell can enhance our hiring process by increasing efficiency and shortening the time our franchisees spend looking for qualified candidates, allowing them more time to focus on the day to day operations of their businesses,” said David Scott Levaton, Executive Director of the IMDA.

About Hyrell Online Hiring Systems: Hyrell Online Hiring Systems was founded in 2007. With efficiency, simplicity, and ease of use in mind, Hyrell developed the best method to discover and hire the most talented new employees for any size franchise operation as well as small and medium businesses.  Today, Hyrell has become a leading provider of cutting-edge online hiring management systems.  For more information, please call 1-877-695-0194 or visit

About International Midas Dealers Association (IMDA): The International Midas Dealers Association is a cohesive network of single and multiple-shop Midas franchisees advocating “one voice” for the success and value of the Midas System. With roots tracing back to 1971, the IMDA’s foundation encourages the insightful exchange of information between members and Midas Corporation, resulting in a commitment to mutual accountability. Through special offers and partnership programs including the PERK Program, the IMDA provides members and affiliated companies exclusive opportunities for cost savings. For more information about the IMDA and membership benefits, or call 877-543-6203.

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