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How Companies Incorporate HR Trends in Recruiting to Retain Top Talent


Recent data show digitally savvy employees include demographics that extend beyond Millennials. Megan Biro, writer for, points out that the 45-55 age demographic and even Baby Boomers expect the pre-employment process—from searching to applying for jobs—to be a digital breeze. In other words, job seekers expect to locate and apply for jobs with a few quick touches on their mobile devices.

To keep up with the rapidly changing digital landscape, companies big and small are implementing the latest tech tools in recruitment and application processes to locate, pre-screen, interview and on-board the best and the brightest.

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How Can You Improve Your Candidate Evaluation Process?

How can you improve your candidate evaluation process?

Too many candidates. Too little time. That’s what life is like in HR these days.

Sure, not every one of those candidates is qualified for the job (in fact – identifying that mythical “qualified candidate” can seem like an impossible task), but the sheer quantity of applications the average HR pro needs to sift through can be overwhelming.   

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How to Make Internal Hiring a Natural Part of Your Recruiting Process


Finding top talent can be an ongoing struggle for any business. But while hiring talent from outside the organization is a great tactic to bring new skill sets into the company and give you a leg up on the competition, there are many benefits to hiring from within as well.

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