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Franchise Hiring By the Numbers [Infographic]

Hiring by the Numbers

Running a successful business can’t be defined in just one way. It is challenging, rewarding, tiring, and awesome all at the same time. But one straightforward way to make things better when trying to run a successful business is to hire good employees.

Now maybe you don't have the time to spend on hiring and recruiting, or you don't know what tools to use, or it's simply too much! You are not alone. It seems like everyone is a little lost when it comes to finding the best employees.

Recently our team set out to answer the question: “How are small businesses ACTUALLY hiring and what can they do to improve?” We know that the franchisees across the country know the struggles of small business hiring better than anyone else, so we sent a survey to over 5,000 franchisees to gather some information on the current state of recruiting and hiring within the franchise community.

Check out our infographic below to see what franchisees are doing (and not doing) when it comes to hiring and recruiting...

Franchise Hiring By the Numbers

Though it wasn’t part of the survey, we also suspect that 100% of franchisees want great employees. Using recruiting and hiring technology that was designed for franchises is a great start. To learn more about Hyrell's Online Hiring Solution, sign up for a brief demo. OR if you’re a franchisee looking to hire, contact us today


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