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5 Tips for Managing Franchise Employees


Hyrell tips for managing franchise employees

So, you bought a franchise – now what? A simple guide to hiring and managing franchise employees.

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12 Days of Hiring System Features [SlideShare]

12 Days of Hiring System Features

The holidays are here, but that doesn’t mean small business owners have time to slow down.

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Topics: Recruiting, Hiring, Online Hiring Systems, Franchise Hiring

The Anatomy of an AWESOME Customer Service Rep [SlideShare]

Most franchisees and small business owners struggle to find customer service representatives that can help their organization grow. In the past we’ve shared general hiring tips on how to hire your next employee, but we know that finding a CSR is a unique hiring process. Always remember, CSRs are the face of your business. You need to find savvy individuals who can build a strong rapport with your customers so that they remain loyal to your company for years to come.

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Topics: Recruiting, Hiring, Online Hiring Systems, Franchise Hiring

The Benefits of Hiring Automation for Franchisees

Growing your business is the #1 goal of being a small business owner. For over 3 years, we’ve worked side by side with national franchisees and we’ve heard it all -- from their struggles of hiring to how they can’t seem to find qualified employees.

Today’s challenge is finding the hidden gem of a candidate that can help you grow your company in a sea full of underwhelming applicants. So stop wasting away your workday and start taking control of your current processes!

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Topics: Automation, Franchise Hiring

Franchise Hiring 101: How To Hire Your Next Employee [SlideShare]

How to Hire Your Next Employee

Franchisees and business owners know that it can be a struggle to find top notch talent for their small business. When you need to hire a new employee,you’re often pressed for time and need to make decisions quickly in order keep your business on the right track.

With little to no HR experience, your franchise hiring process can quickly turn into a game of “resume roulette,” with few rules and very little oversight.

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Topics: Automation, Online Hiring Systems, Franchise Hiring

What Makes Hyrell Different in the World of Franchise Hiring and Recruiting?

Hyrell provides an easy-to-use applicant tracking system for companies of all sizes. But did you know that in addition to our monthly subscription services, we also help thousands of franchisees across the country find the best employees for their small businesses?

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Topics: Automation, Online Hiring Systems, Franchise Hiring

Franchise Hiring By the Numbers [Infographic]

Hiring by the Numbers

Running a successful business can’t be defined in just one way. It is challenging, rewarding, tiring, and awesome all at the same time. But one straightforward way to make things better when trying to run a successful business is to hire good employees.

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Topics: Recruiting Challenges, Franchise Hiring

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