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Launching a Big Data Initiative

Launching a Big Data Initiative

Once your HR team decides to move forward with a big data initiative, several questions may begin to come to mind, such as “How will I get approval for this?” and “How will we have the resources needed to complete the project?” These are all legitimate concerns, but they can usually be overcome without too many hurdles.

Here are three best practices for launching a big data project in a small or medium-sized business...

Build a Business Case for the Project

Using data that is easily accessible, document why the project makes business sense. For instance, how will the results reduce costs for the organization? Examples include cost savings associated with reduced employee turnover, the economic benefit of filling open positions faster and with higher quality candidates, etc. Creating a business case is a great way to become more data driven as a department and to make decisions based on information, rather than on instinct.

Generate Support at Senior Levels, as Well as at the Grassroots Level of the Organization

Having a project champion high in the organization is always a good idea. This may be the head of HR or even the head of the company. Showing senior leaders your business case for the project can stimulate discussion and generate support. It also demonstrates that you and your team are already thinking analytically about your work and the business as a whole. In addition to getting senior staff on board, it’s essential to convince colleagues that data is valuable. Change agents are needed to get people throughout the organization thinking about data in new ways.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Not all big data projects have to be built in-house, from the ground up. Consider the data and analytics that are already available from existing systems, such as the applicant tracking system. Leveraging this information can be an effective way to get started with big data, without investing large amounts of staff time.

The benefits of being a data driven business don’t have to be limited to large companies. SMBs can also take part and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the HR function, based on the insights contained in the organization’s data. If you are ready to streamline your hiring approach, talk to the team at Hyrell today!

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