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The Key Steps to Creating an Ethical Workplace Culture

The Key Steps to Creating an Ethical Workplace Culture

We would all like to think that our employees know the difference between right and wrong in the workplace. But do your employees know where to turn in a crisis? 

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Why Asking Culture Fit Interview Questions is Important

culture-fit-interview-questionsWhen searching for a new hire, many HR representatives put the greatest emphasis on experience. It makes sense: You want to hire someone who is not only capable of performing the job you’re trying to fill but who can feel comfortable performing job duties effectively without assistance as quickly as possible. But in their quest to find the most qualified applicants, HR reps will often overlook cultural fit—that is finding a new hire who will mesh with the company culture.

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Company Culture–What It Is, What It Isn't & How 3 Companies Define It


As HR pros, we live, die, eat and breathe by our company culture. It plays a significant part in how we recruit and hire too. Evaluating culture fit helps us look beyond candidates’ qualifications to determine if their attitudes, work ethic and workplace values align with those of the company.

But how do you talk about your  culture to a potential employee? More importantly, how do you define your culture so that it’s clear, translatable and transferrable throughout your organization? We believe it starts with understanding what culture really is and what it isn’t, which we reveal below:

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