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Turning Your Top Candidate into a Full-Fledged Employee Just Got Easier - Onboarding by Hyrell is Finally Here!

Onboarding by Hyrell

So you’ve finally found the candidate of your dreams! Now what…?

That’s the question that every hiring manager faces when they find their perfect new employee. They know that they’ve found “the one” but then the question becomes: What’s the easiest way to get my new hire started as soon as possible?

We often asked why users should get to enjoy the benefits of automation during the hiring process, but get stuck with boring, time-consuming paper shuffling afterwards. We knew that there must be a better solution (an automated solution!) So that’s why we created our Onboarding by Hyrell

This new feature allows hiring managers to organize the distribution and collection of all documents needed to process newly-hired employees. With Onboarding you can organize and automate:

  • Company handbook distribution
  • Insurance & benefits information
  • Compliance documents
  • Employee agreements
  • Tax forms
  • I-9 Forms
  • eVerify
  • and more

Best of all, getting started with Onboarding only takes five simple steps:


Step 1: Your traditional onboarding documents are converted into interactive, electronic forms.


Step 2: Your newly created electronic documents are added to your personal Onboarding Form Library. Onboarding Forms always are stored in your hiring center and can be quickly emailed to a new hire at any time. 


Step 3: The new hire will receive and complete the electronic forms before returning all documents via their online application.


Step 4: All returned electronic documents are sent to the applicant file and stored within the cloud for hiring managers to review and process at any time, from any location.


Step 5: Optionally, you can also initiate an E-Verify request and have the result returned to the applicant’s file.

So if Hyrell’s Electronic Onboarding Management System seems like a good fit for you and your organization, please contact your account manager or request a demonstration.  

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