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Hyrell Awarded Gold Medal from Software Reviews | Recruiting Software

Hyrell Named Gold Medal Winner (1)

Hyrell was officially named a Gold Medal Award Winner by SoftwareReviews, a division of Info-Tech. Rankings were developed and charted using independent, third-party reviews from actual users of each software platform. 

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Hyrell Named Top 25 Contender for ATS Capability for Small Businesses

Hyrell Named Top 25 Contender for ATS Capability for Small Businesses

We’re proud to announce that Hyrell placed as a “Contender” in the FrontRunners quadrant for Applicant Tracking powered by Gartner Methodology! The ATS quadrant is a data-driven assessment of products in a particular software category to determine which ones offer the best capability and value for small businesses.

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What to Consider Before Your ATS Implementation


Most HR professionals today have some experience working with HR Tech. In fact, from recruiting, to hiring, to onboarding, to training, to succession planning, software has become an integral part of the employee lifecycle. However, even if you have experience using some type of HR Tech, the idea of selecting and implementing something new can be overwhelming.

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Why an ATS is the Most Valuable Tool in Your HR Tool Kit


Recruiting is one of the most important responsibilities that Human Resource professionals are tasked with. Since recruiting is such a top priority, it is important to have a tool you can rely on. As you start writing your job description, keep in mind, you are about to lay the foundation for your entire hiring process. If the foundation of your hiring process is cracked, you will be facing future trouble. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can be the tool you are looking for to lay a solid foundation for your organization.

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How to Solve Your Biggest Hiring Problems with an ATS


After so many unqualified applicants and several unreturned phone calls, you may find yourself losing the faith you will come across your “diamond in the rough”. Don’t pack it in after a papercut or two! An Applicant Tracking System can bring the joy back to filling your next vacancy.

Spoiler Alert:  An ATS won’t give you a papercut!

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How Do You Build a Solid Talent Brand?

HR has not typically been responsible for a sellable “brand” for applicants. In many respects, creating the company brand is something that largely falls on the marketing or public relations department. We have all heard of a video going “viral” and an average person shooting to instant Internet stardom. However, actions of the HR department going “viral” can have negative effects.

Social media has now turned the tables on employers. Millennials (who tend to be stereotyped as demanding in nature) grew up with the Internet in ways Baby Boomers and Generation X did not. They expect to have a lot of information available on the Career’s page, and they prefer updates throughout the recruitment process.

So with the stage set, and the stakes high, HR needs to create their own brand that offers value to potential applicants. The question is: How do you build a solid talent brand?

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Do Applicant Tracking Systems Miss Qualified Candidates?

You’d like your company to invest in an applicant tracking system, but the key decision maker is afraid the software will miss qualified candidates. This concern may be fueled by personal experience—perhaps he felt he was wrongly passed over when he applied to a company that used this type of software. Alternatively, he may simply have been misled by inaccurate information on the Internet.  

You shouldn’t let the conversation about implementing an applicant tracking system fall by the wayside, however. A persuasive way to alleviate fears is by educating decision makers about how an applicant tracking system screens candidates and comparing it to the manual process your team uses today.  

Here are four facts you can use to help decision makers see past their concerns.

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3 Ways to Update Your Hiring Process for the Digital Age

In our personal lives, we are obsessed with having the latest and greatest technological advancement to hit the market. Whether it is the new smart phone, tablet, or computer, we have to have it. Society has advanced to the point where we actually laugh at the “old-fashioned ways” we used to do things. However, in the world of HR, the question remains: how can we leverage new technological advances and incorporate them into our hiring practices? 

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How Do I Know It’s Time to Buy Applicant Tracking Software?


Applicant tracking software is a proven way to improve HR productivity levels. However, many potential buyers put off making a purchase. One reason is because they’re not sure it’s the “right time.” If your organization is experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it’s probably time to invest in an applicant tracking system.

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HR Reps Most Wanted Applicant Tracking System Features


Applicant tracking systems (ATS) like Hyrell’s allow HR representatives and managers to tackle many of their biggest hiring and recruiting challenges. As a result, more professionals are ditching their manual methods, such as email and spreadsheets, and exploring their ATS purchase options.

According to ATS review firm Software Advice's recent survey, the percentage of those surveyed relying on manual hiring methods to track applicants decreased 6 percent from 2013. It is clear HR reps like you are increasingly searching for a hiring solution that will make their hiring and recruiting more efficient and organized. Professionals who previously purchased an ATS are also back in the market looking for a new solution that incorporates the latest and greatest features.

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