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Senior Living HR: What are the Best Applicant Qualities?

hyrell_blogimage_seniorliving1Hyrell is very excited to be attending the Leading Age Annual Meeting & Expo next week in Dallas, TX. This event is an opportunity for the Senior Living Industry to come together and discuss shared challenges and exciting new opportunities. As we gear up for this event, we are shifting our focus to thehiring and recruiting challenges faced by members of the Senior Living Industry.

It takes a certain type of individual to shine as a Senior Living Industry employee. The job requires not only technical skills and expertise, but also care and compassion for those that you serve. To find the best candidate, don’t underestimate the importance of these three qualities that any senior living hiring manager should look for in their next hire:

Attention to Detail. An essential component of Senior Living care is attention to detail. Beyond day-to-day paperwork, the ability to notice changes in mood or adjustments in daily routines can be critical in diagnosing potential health risks. The goal of any senior living hiring manager is to find an employee that will be able to recognize these slight changes and document them accordingly.  

Dedication through Education. Continued education is the key to long term success in any career, and this is no different for the senior living industry. When interviewing applicants, it’s important to focus on current skills and abilities, as well as potential for long term growth. Ask yourself: Does this candidate seem interested in pursuing additional certifications? Attending educational conferences? Or learning the latest therapies and techniques? If not, try to find a candidate who seems more passionate about improving their personal skills and bettering your organization in the process.

Attitude is Everything. Not everyone is cut out to work in the Senior Living Industry. It takes a special type of employee to thrive in an environment where new challenges arise on a daily basis. And at the heart of every good senior living employee is a good attitude. Search for qualities that demonstrate persistence and patience, along with the ability to listen and take genuine interest in the lives of your residents. By building individual relationships, Senior Living employees can improve the overall quality of life at your facility. 

Remember, your employees are the frontline of your facility, and your overall reputation begins and ends with their daily interactions. So whether you’re hiring a facility manager, or a nighttime janitor, focus on finding passionate employees that will be dedicated to improving the overall quality of care at your facility.

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