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Ho, Ho, Ho! Seven Extra Employee Perks of the Holiday Season

Ho, Ho, Ho! Seven Extra Employee Perks of the Holiday Season

The holidays are a traditional time for employers to express gratitude to their employees and to recognize their efforts in a variety of ways. These actions can increase employee satisfaction and help retain top performers. Here are seven techniques companies are using to make the holiday season merrier for their workers:

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7 Vacation Polices that Shake Up the Status Quo

Where do we draw the line between chaining our workers to their desks, and letting them run rampant in the streets? 

That’s the question that some HR policy makers face when designing (or in some cases, re-designing) a company’s vacation plan. Finding the right balance is no easy task. In a perfect world you would be able to offer your employees the sun, the moon, and the stars... but ultimately you settle for the standard time off for national holidays and (hopefully) 2 weeks paid vacation.

However, if you DO have the power to shake up the status quo when it comes to time off at your company, here are 7 vacation policies to consider...

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Building a Better Benefits Package for Your Small Business

Any HR manager knows that there is a significant cost associated with providing benefits packages to your employees (which is why some employers chose not to offer them). Your company may be in a position where you can provide a luxurious benefits package - but these items can be pricey for small business owners.

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How Can I Use Company Benefits to Increase Applicant Interest?

“Company benefits” can mean different things to different companies. Most often we think in terms of traditional benefits (401k, health, and dental), but some organizations (i.e. big players like Google) build their entire corporate culture around providing exceptional benefits and work-life balance.

Now maybe you can’t afford 24/7 luxury amenities, but regardless of what benefits package is realistic for your organization, it’s important to list something in the benefits section of your job description.  This strategy can increase applicant flow, while helping you show off a little bit of your corporate culture.

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