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4 Reasons Hyrell's Virtual Interview Will Improve Your Hiring Process

One of the most powerful and beloved features of the Hyrell hiring system is our Virtual Interview Process. This unique way of collecting applicants responses to various free form questions gives hiring managers a great picture of the applicant early on in the recruiting process. The Virtual Interview allows you to evaluate each applicant by reviewing their qualitative responses and then scoring those responses, creating an overall applicant score.

We asked our team to tell us why this is such an awesome feature…

Co-founder and Director of Operations, John Guzak says:

"This is basically your first round of interviews AND you get the results right along with the initial job application. You can’t beat that!  Even more, You can reduce your liability by ensuring that your basic applicant questions are all uniform, so when you look at each applicant answers, you can be sure that the same question was posed to each one."


Account Executive, Emily Russen, says:

"Applicants can breeze through the Hard and Soft Skills, but the Virtual Interview challenges them to think. You can quickly tell if an applicant can follow directions, how well he or she can read and comprehend, and how well the applicant writes and communicates back."


Lead Developer, Jesse Bagans, says:

"We designed the Virtual Interview process to mirror the initial questions you would use if you had the chance to ask every applicant the same basic and specific questions.  You have full customization over all of the questions and you can even provide additional context to the question or a 'response tip' to ensure the responses have the level of detail you want. And, of course, our team can help you with some great starter questions." 


Account Executive, Angelo Santora, says:

"An applicant's Virtual Interview responses can be a great indicator of the type of applicant you're reviewing. You will see all types of responses from high-quality, thoughtful answers, to poorly written responses riddled with grammatical errors. Spell check might be able to correct typos but it can't aid someone in forming an articulate response. And not everyone uses Spell Check either." 

To learn more about how you can use Hyrell's applicant tracking systems to streamline your interview process, contact Hyrell today.


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