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Hyrell Awarded Gold Medal from Software Reviews | Recruiting Software

Hyrell Named Gold Medal Winner (1)

Hyrell was officially named a Gold Medal Award Winner by SoftwareReviews, a division of Info-Tech. Rankings were developed and charted using independent, third-party reviews from actual users of each software platform. 

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How Do You Build a Solid Talent Brand?

HR has not typically been responsible for a sellable “brand” for applicants. In many respects, creating the company brand is something that largely falls on the marketing or public relations department. We have all heard of a video going “viral” and an average person shooting to instant Internet stardom. However, actions of the HR department going “viral” can have negative effects.

Social media has now turned the tables on employers. Millennials (who tend to be stereotyped as demanding in nature) grew up with the Internet in ways Baby Boomers and Generation X did not. They expect to have a lot of information available on the Career’s page, and they prefer updates throughout the recruitment process.

So with the stage set, and the stakes high, HR needs to create their own brand that offers value to potential applicants. The question is: How do you build a solid talent brand?

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3 Ways to Update Your Hiring Process for the Digital Age

In our personal lives, we are obsessed with having the latest and greatest technological advancement to hit the market. Whether it is the new smart phone, tablet, or computer, we have to have it. Society has advanced to the point where we actually laugh at the “old-fashioned ways” we used to do things. However, in the world of HR, the question remains: how can we leverage new technological advances and incorporate them into our hiring practices? 

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What Exactly is “Online Hiring?”

What Exactly is Online Hiring?

We’ve all heard the phrases “online hiring” and “hiring automation” tossed around in Human Resources conversations.  But what exactly do they mean?  In reality, online hiring means different things to different people, and there are a wide range of activities and services that fall under the umbrella of hiring automation.  Whether your company utilizes a full suite of HR productivity software, or only occasionally accepts resumes via email, chances are you’re doing at least some part of your hiring online.  So let’s talk about what online hiring means for applicants as well as employers. 

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5 Ways to Get Your Boss on Board with Applicant Tracking Software


For human resources (HR) professionals, implementing an applicant tracking system is a no-brainer. However, the people responsible for making that investment decision usually aren’t members of the frontline HR team. As a result, it’s often necessary to convince leaders at higher levels that adopting an applicant tracking solution is a good idea. You may find you have to persuade your immediate supervisor, as well as executives in your organization.

To help you out, we share five tips for selling applicant tracking to key decision-makers within your organization:

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4 Reasons Hyrell's Virtual Interview Will Improve Your Hiring Process

One of the most powerful and beloved features of the Hyrell hiring system is our Virtual Interview Process. This unique way of collecting applicants responses to various free form questions gives hiring managers a great picture of the applicant early on in the recruiting process. The Virtual Interview allows you to evaluate each applicant by reviewing their qualitative responses and then scoring those responses, creating an overall applicant score.

We asked our team to tell us why this is such an awesome feature…

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How Do I Plan for Future Hiring Needs?


Even if you aren’t actively hiring all the time, talent acquisition is an ongoing activity--and an important element of that is planning for future hiring needs. As John S. Dooney, the manager of workforce analytics at the Society for Human Resource Management, has noted, “Recruiting is not a faucet that you turn off and on. You have to have an engine in place.”

There are three steps organizations can take to identify future hiring requirements and create a robust hiring engine. Companies that succeed will find they can minimize the time needed to fill open positions with qualified candidates.

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How Do I Create a Positive Applicant Experience?


Time is money for everyone—job seekers and recruiters alike. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’re all searching for a simplified (yet still effective) way to do things. A recruiter needs an efficient way to bring in the best talent, and applicants need employment. Seems straight forward enough, right? The caveat is that recruiting and job seeking are both time consuming. In fact, many applicants and recruiters would likely argue their role can be daunting and time consuming at the same time.

In recent months, there has even been some discussion regarding bad applicant experiences and how they can negatively impact a brand’s position. The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way for either party.

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Is Your Talent Pool Shrinking? How to Power Up Your Talent Community


Talent communities are interactive groups of people joined by a common interest in engaging with your company. These groups, or talent pools, also consist of job seekers and potential candidates who want to know about career opportunities you may have now or in the future.

A strong talent pool will save you from having to scramble to find top candidates and save you time and money in the recruiting process. Rather than having to re-post open positions to your favorite job boards and dig through old applications, your talent pool gives you access to potential candidates who are already engaged with your business.

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How to Make a Great First Impression with Your Applicant Tracking System


Recently, Forbes published an article outlining various ways companies drive away talent. According to the author, applicant tracking systems are a major offender. While the claims may be true in some instances, they certainly aren’t the norm. Here we examine the author’s concerns about applicant tracking systems and share how the right applicant tracking solution can attract and engage top talent.

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