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Feature Friday: Branding Your Online Hiring Center

hyrell_blogimage_featurefriday_brandingAs any marketer will tell you, building your brand takes a lot of time and energy. Once your brand is built, it can be an even harder task to make sure that every aspect of your brand matches across all areas of your business. But for small to medium sized businesses, this task of “branding” yourself becomes even more difficult, yet incredibly more important! 

When done the right way, your company brand extends to every area of your business, from simple email communications, to marketing campaigns and overall website design. Making all of these moving pieces jive can seem challenging, but if you take the time to make it work, your company brand can send a powerful and consistent message to anyone who interacts with your company – from new customers, existing clients, or even job applicants. 

At Hyrell, we are believers in the power of the company brand and we think that your brand should encompass every area of your business – especially when it comes to online hiring and recruiting!

We’ve spoken before about how to create a “Talent Brand” (i.e. a brand built around your corporate culture and your company as a whole). But we haven’t yet told you how easy it is to incorporate your Talent Brand into your overall Company Brand and let it all shine through in your Online Hiring Center. 

When branding your Online Hiring Center your ultimate goal should be two-fold:

  • You want your applicants to have a sense of who they’ll be working.
  • You want your Online Hiring Center to feel like a natural extension of your overall company brand. 

With just a few simple tweaks in color scheme, logos, and a few carefully worded descriptions that describe why your company is the best place to work, you can add personality to your hiring experience. You can even add links to your social media sites and other support materials so that your applicants can get an even better feel of who you are and what it would be like to work for your company. 

To learn more about how easy it is to make Hyrell’s Online Hiring Center look and feel like your own creation, check out our knowledge base article today!

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This is disclaimer text. We’ve shared these tips to help educate you on social media employment screenings and considerations for your business — this information should not be construed as legal advice. But if your company chooses to screen applicants on social media or want to explore the topic even further, consult with an attorney for advice related to this screening tactic.

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