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Feature Friday: Branding Your Online Hiring Center

hyrell_blogimage_featurefriday_brandingAs any marketer will tell you, building your brand takes a lot of time and energy. Once your brand is built, it can be an even harder task to make sure that every aspect of your brand matches across all areas of your business. But for small to medium sized businesses, this task of “branding” yourself becomes even more difficult, yet incredibly more important! 

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Feature Friday: Position Elements - Job Application Building Blocks

hyrell_blogimage_featurefriday_positionelementsAll jobs within a company are not the same.  Different requirements. Various qualifications. Diverse skill sets. So why do companies ask applicants for the exact same inputs regardless of the job opening it is trying to fill?

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Feature Friday: Hyrell Support & Resources Center

hyrell_blogimage_featurefriday_kbOnce upon a time, if you bought a new software product, you would flip through a printed user manual that came in the product box and struggle to learn your new system. The manuals were often printed on cheap paper, the font was tiny and hard to read, and the overall process was tedious and taxing. 

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Feature Friday: The Comprehensive Applicant File

hyrell_blogimage_applicantfileAs a hiring manager or small business owner, you know that staying organized can be a key component of success. We all strive to write out to-do lists, save paperwork in color coded files, and mark each important date on our calendars. But sometimes, staying organized is a lofty and unattainable goal rather than a day-to-day reality. Important notes get lost in the shuffle, paperwork gets misfiled, and hastily scheduled meetings end up falling through the cracks of your calendar. 

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Feature Friday: Messages -- Collaborate & Communicate

hyrell_blogimage_featurefriday_messagesCommunication is easy using today’s technology.  Too easy, in fact.  The various platforms we can utilize (email, social networks, chat tools, text messages) now lead to a related issue - “How did I send that message and where is it?” 

In the workplace, and specifically with Recruiting, the importance of accurate, and complete, communication threads is obvious.  Who was the last person to communicate with that applicant?  What was said?  What was Jill Supervisor’s interview feedback? 

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Feature Friday: Info Cubic


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Feature Friday: Users


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Feature Friday: Workflow Flexibility


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Feature Friday: The Community Library


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