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How to Solve Your Biggest Hiring Problems with an ATS


After so many unqualified applicants and several unreturned phone calls, you may find yourself losing the faith you will come across your “diamond in the rough”. Don’t pack it in after a papercut or two! An Applicant Tracking System can bring the joy back to filling your next vacancy.

Spoiler Alert:  An ATS won’t give you a papercut!

Problem #1: No Guidance on Job Descriptions

Most of us can say we have experienced “writer’s block” at some point. Not to mention, writing a job description can be time consuming, especially if it is a brand new position.

An ATS can provide a Library of not only your previously created job descriptions, but also give you a Library of templates to use. Think of the amount of time you would save if each time a sales position opened, you could post the template you created months ago with just a few mouse-clicks! 

Problem #2: Too Much Going on at Once

When you are recruiting, the recruitment process starts at all different times with applicants. Therefore, without putting Post-its on every resume, it is hard to say exactly where you left off.

Applicant Tracking Systems can provide time-stamps and ‘tracers’ in each applicant file, so you know exactly what your last action was with each applicant. So instead of scribbling on a Post-it what you did last, you can easily tag and track applicants exactly where they stand in your recruitment pipeline.

Problem #3: Playing Phone Tag

How many times have you played phone or email tag with an applicant? You call, get the applicant’s voicemail, he or she calls you back, but gets your voicemail, and so on. An ATS will enable you to easily provide a few interview options for your candidates, and have them select the time slot that works. It can also eliminate the possibility of double booking yourself!

Imagine a world where you provide your availability to an applicant, then he or she can choose the slot that works best. The days of leaving voicemail after voicemail will be over. When it comes to pre-interview jitters, the applicant should naturally feel a little stressed. The intervewer should feel cool, calm and collected. An ATS can eliminate any added worries of coordinating times via email or wondering if he or she will ever get the applicant on the phone.

Problem #4: Too Much Time Spent on Applicant Communication

One of the most powerful tools an ATS can provide is an advanced messaging features. Automating the communication process can help you avoid phone calls from applicants asking for status updates on their applications. This can be as easy as clicking a button! Imagine just clicking “Send” and the applicant’s name and other personalized information appearing automatically. Prepopulated message templates can make your recruiting life a heck of a lot easier!

Problem #5: Inconsistent Reference Verifications

We all have our own way of accomplishing tasks, which translates as, we all have our own way of recruiting. While you can guide hiring managers through acceptable questions to ask applicants’ references, holding their hands can only go so far. Hyrell now offers the ability to create reference forms. You can have a form already created which a hiring manager can easily initiate, and all references will be asked the same questions. You just can’t beat an “apples to apples” comparison of your candidates!

The digital age brought a lot of relief for your hiring headaches. If you are not sifting through a never ending stack of resumes, you can focus your attention on more important things, such as interviewing your top candidates. The amount of time that is spent doing unnecessary tasks, like writing a new job description each time, playing phone tag and carefully wording each applicant communication, can be severely decreased. An Applicant Tracking System is the answer to solving your biggest hiring problems.

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