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5 Tips for Hiring Franchise Employees


Hyrell tips for hiring franchise employees

So, you bought a franchise, now what? A simple guide to hiring and managing franchise employees. 

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How Many Clicks Does It Take To Fill Out Your Job Application?

How Many Clicks Does It Take To Fill Out Your Job Application

A candy commercial from the 1960s famously asked: “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?” Recruiters and HR professionals need to answer a similar existential question: “How many clicks does it take to finally complete your job application?”

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The Value of Top Notch Recruiting Content

As the economy has rebounded, the job market has started to heat up and recruiters are also starting to feel the heat. A recent study by SHRM found that over two thirds of HR professionals (68%) are experiencing difficulty recruiting candidates for full time positions. However, organizations that attract highly qualified candidates have a leg up over the competition. One way to make this a reality is to develop top notch recruiting content.

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How to Survive as the New HR Pro at a Company

How to Survive as the New HR Pro at a Company

Recruiting is a company’s “circle of life,” when someone leaves, someone new is hired.

While it is typically HR’s duty to fill out the paperwork associated with this process, at times, HR itself is the victim of turnover. If you are the new recruiter, HR generalist, etc., you are going to have to familiarize yourself with the existing processes, procedures, and programs needed to perform the job effectively. 

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How a Killer Job Description Has Benefits Beyond Basic Recruiting


We all know the importance of writing a job description properly. If you fail to have a top notch job description, you can attract the wrong candidates to your position, which does not benefit your company.

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Are Your Job Postings Deterring the Best Candidates?

We know you want to find the best person for the job to fill your open position. But to do that, you have to make sure you are attracting (and not repelling) the best applicants. Mistakes at the start of the hiring process can leave you with a dismal applicant pool, and ultimately a bad hire for your team. So stop scaring off the best candidates by avoiding these 5 common mistakes:

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Write a Standout Job Description with This Free Template!


Another job requisition granted, another job description to be written. Next up is getting all those important job details down on paper. But where do you begin? Rather than sit there and suffer from a severe case of writer’s block, we think you could use a head start. 

To make writing a job posting easy as pie, use this free printable template as your guide. Here’s a sneak peek at the writing tips you get with our handy template:

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How to Optimize Your Job Description in 2 Easy Steps


Attracting the right applicants to your job description—and getting them to actually apply—starts with crafting a posting job seekers can’t resist. Even more difficult, though, can be optimizing your description so applicants can find it online

For that to happen successfully, your job posting needs to be relevant and searchable in major search engines, using the right keywords and keyword phrases throughout the title and body of the description. 

Here are three easy ways you can start optimizing your job descriptions with keywords immediately.

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