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Why Your 2015 HR Budget Should Include Applicant Tracking Software

With 2015 budget planning well underway, you’re probably in the midst of defining allocation requests and preparing to defend each line item to senior management. If applicant tracking software isn’t already one of the line items in your budget, you may want to revisit it in light of your overall company and HR strategy.

If you need to convince the people who hold the purse strings why an applicant tracking system is a “must have” item for 2015, consider these five reasons:

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How to Get the Budget You Need for Applicant Tracking Software


You recognize applying for jobs at your company is not as easy as it should be. You’ve also witnessed the HR department becoming increasingly frustrated with how time consuming and tedious it is to review submissions and communicate with applicants. As your company grows, you need to find a better, more productive way to hire.

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Improve Your Hiring Process to Create a Better Applicant Experience

hiring process

The job market has seen its ups and downs over the past few years and so have job seekers. As we explored in a recent blog, job seekers face plenty of obstacles as they search for work. Oftentimes, HR reps and recruiters can make it more difficult for job seekers to overcome those obstacles. For example, posting a job description that does not accurately describe an open position can leave job seekers unsure as to whether they’re a good fit for the position.

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How Do I Know It’s Time to Buy Applicant Tracking Software?


Applicant tracking software is a proven way to improve HR productivity levels. However, many potential buyers put off making a purchase. One reason is because they’re not sure it’s the “right time.” If your organization is experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it’s probably time to invest in an applicant tracking system.

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HR Reps Most Wanted Applicant Tracking System Features


Applicant tracking systems (ATS) like Hyrell’s allow HR representatives and managers to tackle many of their biggest hiring and recruiting challenges. As a result, more professionals are ditching their manual methods, such as email and spreadsheets, and exploring their ATS purchase options.

According to ATS review firm Software Advice's recent survey, the percentage of those surveyed relying on manual hiring methods to track applicants decreased 6 percent from 2013. It is clear HR reps like you are increasingly searching for a hiring solution that will make their hiring and recruiting more efficient and organized. Professionals who previously purchased an ATS are also back in the market looking for a new solution that incorporates the latest and greatest features.

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The Intersection of Hiring Managers and HR Automation

In everyday life we make choices. From the gas station we choose, to the brand of clothing we wear, to the grocery stores at which we shop, we somehow concluded that these buying decisions are a right fit for us. As creatures of habit, we tend to stick with our choices – that is until something better comes along. We’re then free to change our mind and try something new. In our work life however, we don’t always have that freedom.

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Vet-O-Matic: An ATS for the Serious HR Professional

Vet-O-Matic An ATS for the Serious HR Professional

Remember those persuasive infomercials that touted a machine that processed all kind of food ingredients into precisely what you wanted? That 1960’s machine was (and still is) “Veg-O-Matic”, one of the first food-processing appliances ever invented. Then there was “Super Bass-O-Matic 76”, made famous by Dan Aykroyd on Saturday Night Live in the 70’s. That machine was so efficient that you could “process the whole bass without scaling, cutting, or gutting.” Well, fast-forward 40+ years and you’ll find that the same phenomenon beginning to emerge in the HR space. Yes, a tool that ‘automatically attracts, vets, and presents quality applicants that meet your specific criteria instead of settling for large quantities of applicants that don’t.’ Enter “Vet-O-Matic”.

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How Do I Choose an Applicant Tracking Software Vendor?


Applicant tracking software can dramatically improve the way you handle talent acquisition. Selecting the right software vendor, however, is an essential first step. Even though there are many applicant tracking systems to choose from, the process of finding one doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Here are five ways you can get started with finding the right applicant tracking system—putting you on the path to more efficient candidate sourcing and hiring:

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4 Ways Automation Can Save You Time and Simplify Your Hiring Process

4 ways automation can save you time and simplify your hiring process

In case you haven’t guessed by now, Team Hyrell is pretty passionate about automation – particularly when it comes to your hiring and recruiting process. We love everything from instant email follow-ups to automated reference checks because we know that these techniques have helped our clients solve their hiring headaches. 

But if you aren’t onboard with automation, why should you consider revamping your hiring process?

While there are many reasons to make the switch, we asked a few of our team members to answer the question:  What’s the best time-saving benefit of automating your hiring process? Here are a few of their answers for you to consider: 

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3 Ways to Evaluate Quality Candidates From a Giant Stack of Resumes


It’s about that time again, when you begin hiring for an open position and the applications start pouring in. While it’s exciting to get so much interest in a role and you can’t wait to fill it with the perfect candidate, you may be dreading the process of having to dig through a giant stack of resumes.

If you have an applicant tracking system, thankfully it’s been able to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you by eliminating candidates who don’t meet specific qualifications, such as licensing, education and certification requirements. But there’s still work to be done: you still need to identify quality candidates within your applicant pool.

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