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Common Hiring Mistakes to Avoid to Foster a Great Company Culture

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3 Ways to Interview and Assess Candidates for Culture Fit


Finding candidates who meet the required skills and qualifications for your open positions may be your top priority when it comes to hiring. But in addition to hiring based on your job requirements, you should focus on hiring candidates who fit best within your company’s culture. Assessing culture fit will allow you to look beyond the candidates’ experience and qualifications to determine if attitudes, work ethic and workplace values align with your company.

Experts suggest a cultural misfit is the No. 1 reason new hires leave a job. To avoid the cost of a potentially wrong hire, you should make culture fit assessments part of the hiring and recruiting process. According to hiring expert Lou Adler, there are a few key areas of an applicant’s work experience HR can focus on to assess culture fit. Here we discuss three of those focus areas and provide questions you can ask throughout the candidate screening and interview process.

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Topics: Recruiting, Applicant Tracking, Hiring, Culture, culture fit assessments

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