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How to Choose the Right Applicant Tracking Solution – Part 2


If you missed Part 1 of our series on “How to Choose the Right Applicant Tracking Solution,” be sure to check it out here.

The right applicant tracking solution can help you streamline the hiring process, identify top talent faster and create a positive applicant experience. But with hundreds of applicant tracking systems on the market, how do you decide which solution is right for you?

We covered four simple questions you and your recruiting team can ask to get started in “How to Choose the Right Applicant Tracking Solution – Part 1.” Today we share four more questions that will help you determine which applicant tracking features and functionality you really need based on your company’s hiring and recruiting process.

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How to Choose the Right Applicant Tracking Solution – Part 1


If you’ve already mastered the art of attracting great applicants, your business is way ahead of the curve. But what good is it to invest in attracting talent if you can’t efficiently track your applicants throughout the hiring process? Even worse, what if your current applicant tracking solution is making the hiring process more difficult and burdensome than it should be?

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From Hiring Headaches to Simplified Success – Is an Online Recruiting System Right For You?

hyrell_blogimage_buyersguidestarterIf you work in HR or own a small to medium sized business, you know that hiring can be a struggle. Between posting positions, keeping track of applicants, and scheduling interviews, your days are filled with job board surfing, paper shuffling, and seemingly endless games of phone tag with applicants.

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Feature Friday: Criteria Corp

hyrell_blogimage_featurefriday_criteriaHyrell now offers integrated pre-employment assessments with Criteria Corp.  

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Feature Friday: Interview Scheduling Workflows

blog_image_featurefriday_interviewscheduleThe typical interview process - whether virtual, by phone, or in person - is a vital step in almost all hiring processes.  It helps a company get to know an applicant better and it allows both sides to determine if there is a mutual good-fit.

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Building an Online Hiring System from the Ground Up


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