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Pressed For Time? Here’s a Strategic Approach to Your Next Interview


When you reflect on the hiring process, (i.e. creating a job description, reviewing applicants, calling references, interviewing top candidates and finally making a decision), the part that probably sticks out as the most important is interviewing.

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4 Core Question Types to Include In Your Interview Process

Interview Questions

Having a general outline of the types of questions to ask a potential employee is a MUST for an effective and organized interview process.

Questions that require only a “yes” or “no” answer will do you little to no good, and won’t reveal much information – but how do you know which questions will offer the most insight? All interview questions are not created equal, so know what types of questions will benefit you most before meeting your candidates. 

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How Does Your Interview Process Stack Up? [Infographic]

How Does Your Interview Process Stack Up?

Have you ever wondered how your company's interview process stacks up?  Have you tried to figure out how many interviews the average company conducts or how many candidates they usually interview for a position?  

Well look no further, the results of Hyrell's Interview Process Survey are here!

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The 12 Headaches of the Hiring Process

The 12 Headaches of the Hiring Process

Here at Hyrell, we know that the Holiday Season is a time for laughter and cheer. So kick back and check out The 12 Headaches of the Hiring Process...  

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118 Interview Questions You Didn’t Think To Ask

The interview has always been a key component of the hiring process. It’s a chance to meet applicants face-to-face to gage their personality, professionalism, and how they might fit into your company culture.

However, it’s easy to fall into a stale interview routine (asking the same questions over and over again) and seeing the same results.

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What’s the Most Important Interview Question?

What's the Most Important Interview Question?

Businesses great and small all have one thing in common – everyone needs to interview candidates during the hiring process. Whether you’re a Mom and Pop shop on Main Street looking for your very first employee, or a large organization that hires hundreds of people a year, no one makes it through the front door without meeting face-to-face for a sit-down interview.

Since interviews are such an essential part of the hiring process, we asked a few of our team members to answer the question: “What’s the most important question to ask in an interview and why?” Here’s what they had to say:

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4 Steps to a Creating a Successful Selection Committee for Your Recruiting Process

4 Steps to Creating a Successful Selection Committee for Your Recruiting Process

Creating a collaborative recruiting process is essential for any organization looking to fill a vital role. However, as with most things in life, success is not guaranteed. So before you dive into endless meetings filled with needless indecision, check out these four steps to creating a successful selection committee: 

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HR Hiring Dilemma: Candidate Walks in Wearing a Tuxedo …


Last week we shared a clip featuring a the interview scene from the film “The Internship,” in which Vince Vaughn’s and Owen Wilson’s characters conduct a memorable interview likely to make most hiring managers cringe. We also asked a few experts to weigh in and share how they’d handle the interview if put in a similar situation. 

We’re continuing the series this week with another clip, featuring two candidates who took “dress to impress” to a whole new level:

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HR Hiring Dilemma: Interview with an Obnoxious Candidate…


We recently shared some of our favorite hiring stories, from rejected candidates asking to bum a few bucks off the hiring manager to applicants leaving angry voicemails for recruiters. The list of hilarious hiring moments goes on and on—and some would say these types of hiring stories could be meant for the big screen!

Because we felt so inspired by the hiring stories our clients, colleagues and recruiting experts have shared, we started thinking about some of our favorite hiring moments in pop culture history. The first one we share today depicts a pretty memorable scene in which two job applicants conduct a video interview. Let’s cut to the clip:

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5 Styles of Virtual Interview Questions

5 Styles of Virtual Interview Questions

We know that establishing structure is the key to success when designing a Virtual Interview screening process. Last week we focused the formula for a great Virtual Interview question and outlined how to use background context, straightforward questions, and helpful response tips to build the perfect question.

Now that we understand the structure, it’s time to start writing!

Here are five stylistic approaches (with specific question examples from Hyrell’s Virtual Interview Library) that you can use to start building your own bank of Virtual Interview Questions:

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