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What Questions Should I Ask During Virtual Interviews?


Virtual interviews (or video interviews) are no longer a hiring trend—they’re commonplace. According to an August 2012 study, 67 percent of of HR managers said they conducted video interviews in the hiring process “very often,” while another 10 percent said they did so “somewhat often.” Today, we can assume those numbers are even greater.

It’s easy to see why more HR reps and managers are incorporating video interviews into the hiring process. For one, virtual interviews often save time. Some sources suggest it’s possible to conduct up to 10 one-way video interviews in the time it takes to conduct one 30-minute phone interview. Virtual interviews also allow HR reps and job candidates to get a chance to see and interact with with one another in ways phone interviews can’t match.

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3 Types of Virtual Interviews to Improve the Hiring Process

improve-virtual-hiring-processInterviews allow you to make the most informed hiring decisions, but we all know conducting them can be a substantial drain on your time and resources—especially if there are multiple candidates you need to interview.

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5 Styles of Virtual Interview Questions

5 Styles of Virtual Interview Questions

We know that establishing structure is the key to success when designing a Virtual Interview screening process. Last week we focused the formula for a great Virtual Interview question and outlined how to use background context, straightforward questions, and helpful response tips to build the perfect question.

Now that we understand the structure, it’s time to start writing!

Here are five stylistic approaches (with specific question examples from Hyrell’s Virtual Interview Library) that you can use to start building your own bank of Virtual Interview Questions:

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The Formula for a Great Virtual Interview Question

how to create a great virtual interview question

Each day, hiring managers are facing new pressures and demanding time constraints. With mounting stacks of resumes, it can seem like an impossible task to thoughtfully evaluate so many incoming applicants. However, with a little help from our Virtual Interview Process, you can streamline your initial applicant evaluation and focus your time and energy on the most qualified candidates. 

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Interview Tips for Finding the Best Candidates


For most managers, interviewing is an important part of their job responsibilities. However, some people are more skilled at conducting interviews than others. Managers who know how to prepare for interviews are more likely to hire the best candidates, resulting in greater productivity for their departments.

Here we share five best practices you and your fellow hiring managers can use as you get ready to fill open positions:

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Feature Friday: Auto Refresh

hyrell_blogimage_featurefriday_autorefresh1Do you remember Ron Popeil – American inventor and infomercial master? Over the course of his career, Ron raked in $2 billion in sales from his inventions that capitalized on time saving automation through new kitchen appliances. Ron would often host hour long infomercial specials that would entice viewers to buy the Ronco Rotisserie with his signature phrase: “Set it and forget it!” 

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Feature Friday: The Virtual Interview

hyrell_blogimage_featurefriday_virtualinterviewJob-specific, Yes/No questions are a great start.  You also may want to collect an applicant’s resume. Additional information such as Employment History and Education History can be important as well.  All are valuable inputs that help your company make informed hiring decisions.

But the Hyrell System gives you an additional, powerful feature – The Virtual Interview™.

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